More Women Have Come Forward To Report Allegations Against Noel Clarke

Former Doctor Who star Noel Clarke is reportedly facing additional allegations of sexual offences after he was “accused of groping, harassment, and bullying by 20 women” in a report published by the Guardian back in April. Scotland Yard says a “number of women” have come forward and informed police of incidents involving the actor. However, they have confirmed that there would be “no criminal investigation” against Clarke at this time.

Allegations against the actor and director first emerged earlier this year, and Clarke was subsequently suspended by BAFTA shortly after he was presented with the Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema award.

At the time, the Guardian reported allegations by 20 women who claimed Clarke is a “serial abuser of women, using his power in the industry to prey on and harass female colleagues, and sometimes bully those who fall out of favour.”

In response to the damning report, Clarke “vehemently” denied any sexual misconduct or criminal wrongdoing before stating that he was “deeply sorry” for his actions and would be “seeking professional help to educate himself.”

Scotland Yard has confirmed other women have come forward this week (July, 27, 2021), per BBC News.

“On Wednesday, 21 April, police received a third party report relating to allegations of sexual offences allegedly committed by a male over a period of time,” they stated, via BBC News.

“A number of other women have since come forward and informed police of other incidents involving the male. All of the incidents are currently being assessed by officers to ascertain if any offences have been committed. There is no criminal investigation at this time.”

In light of the allegations against Clarke, ITV pulled the final episode of Viewpoint starring the actor while Sky “halted” production on Clarke’s series’ Bulletproof.

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