Why We Take Vacations Without Our Kids – It Starts With Coffee

Currently, Andrew and I are in Antigua for our January post-holiday reset vacation. We started doing this last year and we were so excited to do it again. People kept asking us if the kids were coming and I answered “of course not!” But, I want to explain why we take vacations without our kids and why it’s important if you’re married that you do the same.

Why We Take Vacations Without Our Kids

Why We Take Vacations Without Our Kids

When we were engaged many people told us to always put our marriage first. When you have kids it can become all about them and your life as a family but eventually, they will grow up and move away and it will just be you two. That has always stuck with me. Eventually, our kids will grow up, go to college, get married, and have their own families. Then it’s just Andrew and me. So early on we made our marriage the number one focus. We also want our kids to see what a loving, happy relationship looks like.

So since Liam was about 1 we have gone on one trip each year JUST us. Even if it’s a short getaway for a weekend or a local hotel staycation (we try to do this a few times a year) we make time to get away JUST us. Of course, we take our kids on trips each year as well but making time as a couple to reconnect without making snacks, wiping bottoms, and hearing “mommy!” “daddy!” 24/7 is important.

We always come back refreshed, stronger in our marriage, and missing our babies. It’s also good to miss our kids and have our kids miss us. It gives everyone a greater appreciation of each other. Yes, it’s hard to leave and I always get sad when we do it. Yes, we miss them tons and Facetime lots. Yes, we feel the guilt. But that is all normal and I know in the long run doing what’s best for our marriage is doing what’s best for our kids. This is why we take vacations without our kids because at the end of the day, we are investing in our marriage, which invests in our family.

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