‘Emily In Paris’ Ashley Park Shares Funny S3 Blooper Reel On IG

Lily Collins recently shared a revealing BTS video of Emily In Paris Season 3, and now we have a hilarious blooper reel to enjoy, also. Ashley Park, who portrays Mindy Chen, shared a short compilation of her funniest moments on set to Instagram. From giggling, falling over, and walking into doors, there’s a little bit of everything in the mix. At one moment, Park nearly makes Collins choke on her coffee when telling her to “keep it real dirty” as they chat on a park bench.

The long-form blooper reel on YouTube features even more hilarious antics, including lots of swearing and laughs between Collins, Park, and the wider cast and crew. But what it showcases the most is the chemistry that Park and Collins share on and off screen, which has been the case since the first season of Emily In Paris. The pair got on immediately when they began working together.

Park even mirrored Emily’s character, experiencing her own Emily In Paris moment in the beginning by having to acclimate to living in the French capital for the first time. “I was alone here; I knew nobody and the table read was our first day of work,” Park told Netflix’s Tudum. “And Lily was like, swoop — exactly what Mindy does for Emily in the first season.”

Their bond continues to blossom, which is evident as the seasons go by and the bloopers roll out. “We empower one another to stand up for ourselves in ways that I don’t think we necessarily knew we could,” Collins said. Meanwhile, Park added: “Something I really value in our friendship is we support each other’s individual journey of figuring out the woman, the person, the adult and the artist that we are.”

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