Why Did Brendan Quinn Go Home On ‘The Bachelorette’?

We’re seven episodes into Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, and as both she and the other contestants like to keep reminding us, hometowns are coming up. This typically means that the only men left are frontrunners, but in the July 19 episode, there was one contestant fans didn’t recognize: Brendan Quinn, who — along with Twitter — couldn’t figure out why he was still on the show.

At the start of the episode, Brendan hoped to finally getting some one-on-one time with Katie, but once his name was read from the group date list, he seemed confused. “The biggest question is why am I still here?” he asked the other men, who’d all spent quality time with Katie. “I didn’t get time at [the] group date. I didn’t get time at cocktail. Three great guys went home. Why am I still here?”

He decided to go to Katie’s room to ask her himself. Unfortunately, Brendan’s earlier questions foreshadowed his elimination. After he bared his heart to Katie, she interjected, “I’m gonna stop you right there,” explaining that while she did feel a connection with him, she didn’t think they’d be able to get to the point they needed to be at before she met his family.

Countless fans mirrored Katie and Brendan’s conversation, sharing that they, too, had zero time to get to know Brendan.

Many fans joked about Brendan asking the same question on camera that everyone was asking themselves at home.

Others remarked that when Brendan awkwardly asked the other men why he had made it so far, no one seemed to have a good answer for him.

And some viewers commented that contestant Michael A’s son — who he’s FaceTimed a few times during the season — had more screentime than Brendan.

There were also tweets about the moment Brendan showed up at Katie’s door and whether or not she even realized he was still there. Some fans speculated that she was already planning to eliminate him at the next rose ceremony, while others felt he deserved better. “Honestly justice for Brendan,” one viewer tweeted. “No one should make it this far with no intention in making it to hometowns.”

So long, Brendan. We barely knew you!

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