Tom Cassell – Age, Net Worth and Social Media Influencer Profiles

Tom Cassell is a YouTube vlogger and has seen some prolific success in online gaming. After starting his YouTube channel,” The Syndicate Project ”, Tom’s main motive was to inspire younger generations towards the online industry.

There is no brainer in the fact that he is an incredible social media influencer. Furthermore, Tom shared the Call of Duty and Halo gameplay videos which saw massive appreciation from the audience.

His famous series has to be Black Ops, where he provided some exciting content to game lovers. Since Tom has a huge fan following on social media platforms, a bigger audience follows his footsteps.

After passing the “A” level, he decided not to attend the university. Tom wanted to concentrate on game experiences and convey them to audiences. Afterward, he focused on his YouTube all the hours of the week.

Tom’s social influence doesn’t just restrict to gaming. He has another YouTube channel,” Life of Tom” where he shares daily vlogs and his life routines with followers.

Tom shares his travel experiences and favorite holiday destinations with fans worldwide on his second YouTube channel. In 2018, he amazed everyone when he created his third YouTube channel in a single decade.

He dedicated his third channel named” Syndicate Royale Fortnite” royale games Battles. Moreover, Tom also built a massive reputation on Instagram. Moreover, his fans wait for him to upload something.

It is why he regularly posts there about his lifestyle and busy life. He has been an inspiration for his lover and a significant social media influencer at present times.

Besides his success in YouTube and Instagram, Tom is also famous in Twitch, a streaming service.

In that particular service, he became the first person to reach the milestone of one million followers. For further information, you can follow his Instagram account at @syndicate.

Tom Cassell Life of Tom Social Media Reach

  • Instagram Followers: 1.5m+
  • YouTube Subscribers: 9.8m

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