LadBaby @ladbabyofficial – Age, Net Worth and Social Media Influencer Profiles

LadBaby is the social media platform that has earned huge appreciation and admiration over the past few years. Mark Hoyle is the person behind LadBoy. He and his wife Roxanne are running the YouTube channel with a huge fan following.

Mark had managed to win the 2018 Celebrity Dad of the Year Award because of the hilarious and entertaining vlogs. He won that award, beating some of the high-caliber competitors like Liam Payne, Prince William, and Rio Ferdinand.

The beautiful couple also has published a book behind their name, which helped them get a status that many people could only hope. The book name is parenting for £1 and other Baby hacks. After this book, they become one of the finest inspirational parenting influencers.

Their projects are all about parenthood. You can see all the videos on their YouTube channel indicate how lucky it is to be a family person. Furthermore, the dedication towards children and their talent has led them to earn many followers on social media platforms.

Lad Baby is one particular channel that gives insight into the living of a young family. Besides, their screen work is so catchy that everyone seems to be falling with their content.

Mark made the first video to tell how good a feeling is to become a father first. Moreover, he showed the audience how a man turns the tables and which type of challenges he might have to face during that period. In addition to that, Mark hadn’t imagined at all how long his video would go.

Being a parent is probably the best feeling in the world. Furthermore, Mark and his wife have put that feeling into action and inspire other parents to live a life like them.

After their huge success, many brands have contacted them. The likes of Birds Eye, Greggs, and Kiddlylicious have partnered with Mark. He also has his appearance felt in the media by working for ” The Independent” publications.

If you want to know about Ladbaby, you can follow them on their Instagram @ladbabyofficial. On Instagram, you will see Mark’s family’s recent pictures and all the necessary information you must be looking for.

Social Media Reach

  • Instagram Followers 368K+
  • Twitter Followers 28.7K+
  • YouTube Subscribers 522K+

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