Five Ways To Take Care Of Your Body – It Starts With Coffee

Health and wellness are really important to me. I really try to lead a healthy lifestyle and encourage those around me to as well. Taking care of our bodies should be our number one priority because if we are not healthy then we can’t be good moms, wives, partners, workers, etc. So it all comes back to caring for yourself. I am sharing five ways to take care of your body to encourage you to make yourself a priority!

Five Ways To Take Care Of Your Body

Spend time outside: Lately, I have been spending a LOT more time outside. When Liam gets home from school we try to play outside with the kids until dinner. Charlotte and I have also gone for walks pretty much every single morning lately. We go for 2-3 miles and look at the trees, flowers, animals, and people. Everyone in my house is happier when we spend time outside! We sleep better, our moods are better, and we are more at peace. Being outside really helps every aspect of wellness.

Eat WHOLE foods: I don’t necessarily mean the store ha! I mean good, clean, foods. I try to snack as much as I can on fruits and veggies and thankfully both of my kids are HUGE fruit and veggie eaters. I also do a lot of chopped salads, green smoothies, and lean proteins. I rarely eat red meat (maybe once a year) and I try not to eat much processed food if any. I do splurge on wine ?

Move your body and stretch: It doesn’t have an intense workout every day but just something. Some days that could be a short walk, a 10-minute yoga workout, or even 5 minutes of abs. But something physical each day is just so good for you! We LOVE family walks!

Get GOOD sleep: Something that has been harder for me than other things is getting GOOD sleep. Making sure I am getting restful sleep and having a good evening and night routine before bed. When I get good quality sleep I feel so much better.

Take vitamins: This is HUGE I am a big vitamin person. I actually use Ritual vitamins and have for a long time. If you want 10% off ritual use code NEELYKINS . I think taking vitamins is really important. For years I didn’t take vitamins and let me tell you, those years were my least healthy! I also take a vitamin D supplement, Omega 3, and a probiotic daily.

Doing these things really makes me feel mentally and physically so much better. I feel like utilizing these ways to take care of your body will do wonders for everyone.

What do you do to take care of your body?

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