Your iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack can become a magnetic charging stand with this clever trick

Apple released its MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 models to offer each of the smartphones the much-needed extra boost in battery life. It turns out the accessory has another trick up its sleeve.

Discovered by Parker Ortolani on Twitter (via iMore), the MagSafe Battery Pack can be transformed into a handy magnetic iPhone charging stand when paired with an iPhone Lightning Dock. Unless you have one laying around, however, it could be a pricey venture. 

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As seen in the images, simply fit the MagSafe Battery Pack onto the iPhone charging stand via the Lightning port, and place the iPhone 12 on the dock magnetically. Presto! You have an all-new accessory.  

If you don’t have the battery pack or the dock from Apple, it could set you back around $150/£150. However, any other third-party accessories with the same setup could function the same way.

Additionally, since the battery pack supports reverse charging technology, users can plug their iPhone 12 into the dock and charge both the smartphone and battery pack at the same time.

As for the Battery Pack itself, it is now available over at Apple and will set you back $99. It magnetically attaches to the back of any iPhone 12 model and offers extra 1460mAh boost. This is especially handy for the iPhone 12 mini, which suffers the most from battery life, although Apple’s battery pack does seem to outsize the small smartphone.

It’s a nifty trick to make the most of the Apple products you’ve got, but if you’re after the Apple setup to all your devices at once, check out the Kensington StudioDock iPad docking station. And, for smartphones with batteries that pack even more of a punch, check out the phones with the best battery life

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