Windows 11 updates now reveal ETA — wait times no longer hidden

Windows 11 will now inform users how long updates will take thanks to a new time-estimate feature spotted by an Insider member at GHacks. As it stands now, the current-generation OS only offers users info on how close the update is to completion percentage-wise, which isn’t particularly helpful for gauging installation duration.

For Windows users who despise being kept in the dark on update installation times, this new ETA feature is a useful perk.

Windows 11 adds new ETA feature for updates

Not knowing when your Windows update installation will complete is torture. Will it take 10 minutes? A half an hour? Two hours? Enquiring minds want to know! Fortunately, the folks at Microsoft heard all of our internal screaming; Windows updates will now help users gauge how long installations will take via time estimates.

Windows 11

Windows 11 update ETA (Image credit: GHacks)

Ashwin at GHacks spotted the ETA feature when he was prompted to install an update while exploring the Windows 11 preview build. “It told me that this update would take 5 minutes to be installed,” he said.

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