Will Your Customers Tell Good Stories About You?

Does storytelling have a role to play in modern customer experience? Here are some reasons why it does — and 10 commandments to guide you.

I’ll be honest: I was a little freaked out when I read the prompt on the CMSWire Editorial Calendar for a theme — “The Psychology and Science Behind Modern Customer Experience.” I’m not a psychologist — I don’t even play one on TV — nor am I a scientist, which is more my wife’s domain.

What perspectives or insights, then, could I add to this particular take on customer experience?

My Corporate Superpower: Storytelling

Late last year, I was at corporate head office for a team event, during which we were asked what particular “superpower” we brought to the team. My immediate answer was that I was a storyteller, which got me thinking: Does storytelling have a role to play in modern customer experience? Of course it does!

For example: Recently I was out for a meetup with colleagues who live near me, and someone mentioned that they were taking the following day off to spend the day at the company that runs the billing for our local toll roads. This immediately elicited sympathetic groans from around the table and unleashed a flood of stories; everyone had a tale of woe about dealing with said organization for various reasons.

That organization’s customer experience reputation, or lack thereof, was summarized in those eight stories around the dinner table.

And that’s the power of storytelling.

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Striving for Customers to Share Tales of Joy

But ideally you don’t want customers spinning tales of woe, as myself and my colleagues did. Instead, you want them to be telling tales of joy. You want them to be so enthusiastic about doing business with you that they will tell tales of recommendation.

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