What Should You Give Your Customer Advisors for a Gift?

‘Tis the season — for showing your customer advisory board you care about their contributions and time.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, it’s time to review our consultants’ favorite customer advisory board (CAB) gifts given to members. After all, we’ve highlighted our Halloween CAB horror stories, as well as the best CAB social activities for which we were thankful.

While never a requirement, giving a gift to your customer advisory board members is a nice touch to thank them for their service to your company and board member participation. There’s no need to go very expensive — some companies even have limits (e.g. $100) of how much they can accept in such gifts.

The best gifts should reflect the location or theme of your meeting, or support the social activity you held for them. Remember to keep the gift “carryon small” if your members will be taking their gift home with them via airplane.

And finally, don’t make determining the gift a time-draining science project that involves multiple, nth-level reviews from your executive management — you need to keep their focus on the strategic priorities and content of your CAB meeting itself.

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