The 8 Best Sunglasses For Oval Faces

Since the oval is considered to be a balanced face shape, the best sunglasses for oval faces can really go in any direction — round or angular. Sunglasses with rounded, curving lines are good for adding softness — think retro oval frames and sporty aviators — and a good cat-eye or squared-off Wayfarer shape will bring out natural angles. Novelty shapes also work well on oval face shapes, and there are pairs that look surprisingly sophisticated rather than cutesy.

Once you’ve settled on the general shape you want, you can play around with some other aesthetic elements. Thick frames have more visual weight for making a statement, especially in opaque materials. Bright colors will also draw attention to themselves in an assertive way — if you want a neutral pair, opt for something that contrasts with your skin tone to create impact (but that still matches everything in your closet). For a lighter impression, thin metal or translucent acrylic frames look airy on the face and are less likely to overwhelm small features.

While you have the freedom to play around with sunglass shapes and styles, you’ll want to stick to one spec more thoroughly: Always look for 100% UV protection for protecting your eyes from harmful rays. This is often indicated with a UV400 label.

These eight pairs of sunglasses on Amazon will all look great on oval faces, and every single pair offers complete UV protection.


Some Modern Cat-Eye Sunglasses With Ombre Lenses

These cat-eye sunglasses are a sleek spin on the retro style with a minimalist geometric shape and thin metal arms. You can get them in airy translucent frames as well as bold high-contrast colors for plenty of options. Their TAC polarized lenses feature a scratch-resistant coating with UV400 protection, and they’ve passed the FDA impact resistance test for safety. “These sunglasses are incredibly nice for the price. They fit like a glove and they’re so lightweight and well designed,” a fan praised. “Some large glasses are too big for me, but these are just right, big but not silly looking.”

Or, if you want to lean into a classic Hollywood look, consider these chic cat eye sunglasses.


These Aviator Sunglasses With A Great Fit

These stylish aviator sunglasses have a bendable frame to create a comfortable fit on any face. The arms are made from a flexible TR90 polymer (often used on sports sunglasses) that can actually be folded in on itself and will stretch nearly flat, so they’re a good option for people who struggle to find the right size and don’t want to pay a premium for custom pairs. The polycarbonate lenses are polarized to reduce glare and offer 100% UV protection, while anti-slip silicone nose pads keep them comfortably perched on your nose. “Very impressed with the packaging and quality,” one shopper wrote. “They remind me of Cartier and the glasses are very sturdy and look exactly like the pictures.”


An Iconic Pair Of Sunglasses That Come In Custom Widths

The Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a universally wearable shape, and with these classics, you can choose a pair that’s guaranteed to fit your face with two lens widths available. Made in Italy and built to last, they have a nicely weighted acetate frame with glass lenses for crystal clarity and superior scratch resistance. Each lens color has its own properties — the green lenses here are unpolarized and block 85% of visible light — but they all offer 100% UV protection backed by a legacy of durable heritage style. “I finally pulled the trigger on these after wanting a pair for years…Wish I’d done it 30 years ago,” one fan wrote, and several reviewers had owned pairs for decades. Invest now, have them forever.


These Retro Oval Sunglasses That Are Making A Comeback

Oval sunglasses have been favored by fashion icons as disparate as Jackie Kennedy, Kurt Cobain, and David Rose — if that’s not a testament to their style status, what is? This chic pair is made from a fairly hefty combination of acetate and resin with UV400 protection, because form needn’t come at the expense of function. They’re surprisingly well-built considering their budget price point, as several shoppers were thrilled to report. “I was truly amazed at the quality of these glasses for the price. They are so heavy that the lenses feel like glass,” a reviewer remarked. “This pair was awesome — I’d buy another!”


A Pair Of Squared-Off Designer Sunglasses

These classic square sunglasses from Kate Spade add angles with a timeless shape and colorway that’s always in style. Their heavy resin tortoiseshell frames hold non-polarized lenses made from the CR39 plastic polymer, which provides the same visual clarity as glass with nearly half the weight. And they offer the 100% UV protection you’d expect from a designer pair. “Originally paid $150 for these at Nordstrom,” a fan confessed. “Buying them again was a no brainer. Excellent glasses for oval or round face. Also great coverage.”


Some Round Sunglasses With Vintage Nostalgia

A little bit retro and a little bit steampunk, round sunglasses add softness and curves to bone structure. The lightweight wire frame won’t overwhelm small faces, but the defined geometric shape is enough of a statement that it even works on strong features. Multilayer TAC lenses feature high-def polarization and a scratch-resistant coating with UV400 protection — and there is also padded silicone at the nose and temples for comfortable wear all day. “Really cute and stylish. The nose pads seemed to fit well right out of the box, and I haven’t noticed them sliding at all on hotter days,” a shopper reported.


A Fun Pair Of Novelty Sunglasses Because Why Not

Take advantage of your face shape’s ability to pull off almost any pair of sunglasses with some whimsical-chic, heart-shaped sunglasses. These are bold but not too saccharine with their stylized lines for a look that’s more Iris Apfel than Lolita. The winged corners create an almost cat-eye effect. Plastic frames hug non-polarized polycarbonate lenses for a swath of UV400 coverage — and shoppers swear they look just like designer versions. “Totally affordable but well-made too. They’re not too heavy but they also don’t feel so lightweight and flimsy that they’d break in my purse. A great way to add a pop of fun to your style at a great price point,” a fan noted. For a lighter look that’s still heavy on UV protection, try these rimless heart-shaped glasses.


A Budget-Friendly 3-Pack For Always Having A Pair On Hand

If you love the look of Ray-Bans but don’t want to shell out that kind of cash, this multipack of affordable Wayfarer alternatives gives you a pair and two spares. Their plastic frames have a matte finish that helps keep them in place on your nose and the polarized lenses feature an anti-reflective coating with UV400 protection. Fans raved about their sturdy build and were thrilled to be able to stock up on multiples for keeping stashed in bags and cars. “Wow. This genuinely is one of the best purchases I’ve ever had,” one satisfied shopper raved. “Each of the sunglasses gave a different tint that reflects off them and every pair feels like looking through a $200 pair of sunglasses. When you put these things on it feels like you’re finally looking at the world in high definition.”

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