The 6 Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs In 2021

Dogs make the best copilots when you’re riding in the car, but they don’t exactly help keep it clean. The best car seat covers for dogs are waterproof, simple to clean, and compatible with your vehicle’s design.

First, think about the material. It should be fully waterproof so rain, mud, dirt, and other elements don’t seep through. It should also be thick enough to prevent your dog’s claws from scratching up the upholstery. Look for durable fabrics like nylon, polyester, and Oxford cloth.

Also, your car seat cover needs to fit right so it doesn’t slide around. Seek out options with silicone or rubber lining on the back that will grip the seat and keep everything in place. Additionally, adjustable straps or anchor systems will go a long way toward keeping the cover from bunching up.

Finally, make sure it’s easy to clean. Although some extra-motivated dog owners may not mind hand-washing pet items, I personally find that machine-washable selections make life much easier on those days when you and your dog return from the park covered in mud.

Below, I’ve listed the best car seat covers for dogs to help you make a decision. Keep in mind that it’s safer for both you and your pup if you have them secured in the back seat, either in a crate or carrier or clipped in with a proper seatbelt tether via their harness. For that reason, all of my selections offer access to your car’s seatbelt clip.

With that in mind, read on for the best car seat covers for dogs — all of which are available on Amazon.


The Best Bench-Style Cover

What’s great about it: If you prefer something that fits more snugly over the back seat, this bench-style dog seat cover is the way to go. It’s made with robust, 75-denier polyester that features a water-repellent design and strong stitching. It also feature three strips on the back that help keep it from slipping around. The machine-washable material is claw-proof, and all of the straps are adjustable. With convenient slots for access to your car’s seatbelts, the whole thing can also be used as a cargo liner for the back of the car when needed. As a bonus, it comes with an extra cover to drape over the back of the front seats for added protection.

One reviewer wrote: “I would recommend this cover. Doesn’t slide and made of good quality material. Only thing I would change, would be to have a zipper in the vent to open between the seats. Would make it easier to access the pup while she’s in the back. But will buy it again!!”

  • Available sizes: 21 by 72 inches, 56 by 94 inches, or 62 by 94 inches
  • Available colors: Black, gray, taupe, black micro-velvet


The Best Single-Seat Cover

What’s great about it: Made with a thick but lightweight nylon frontside and a grippy silicone liner on the back, this high-quality car seat cover is the perfect way to protect your ride. The fully waterproof material keeps dirt and mud contained, while the three-part anchor system holds it in place. Reviewers noted that the fabric is thick enough to protect against sharp claws, too. Best of all, you can toss this in the wash as needed for hassle-free cleaning.

One reviewer wrote: “We were looking for rugged, easy to removed seat covers that wouldn’t show the dirt. We fish, explore caves, and camp, we also take our dog with us. We first ordered some nice seat covers, but they were difficult to put on and take off, difficult to clean, and we knew they would show all the dirt. We found 4Knines, and thought we’d give them a try. They are soooooo easy to put on and remove, they are extremely durable, do not show the dirt, the price is great, they are perfect!!”

  • Available sizes: One size
  • Available colors: Black, gray, or tan


The Best Hammock-Style Cover

What’s great about it: This hammock-style dog seat cover is a fantastic way to keep your back seat protected (and the rear of your front seats, too). It’s constructed with tough, fully waterproof polyester and Oxford cloth, plus a silicone-polyester liner on the back. The material is strong enough to stop your dog’s nails from piercing through it, and the reinforced stitching adds even more durability.

This machine-washable cover is designed with buckle straps and seat anchors for adjustability, as well as convenient front pockets for storing toys and accessories. On top of that, it has side flaps to protect the entryway when your pooch is hopping in and out. Like all of my picks, this cover leaves the seatbelt clip accessible, and this brand also makes a dog seat belt that you can purchase separately.

One reviewer wrote: “My puppy was prone to throwing up during car rides, and this hammock made clean-up very easy. It is waterproof as advertised! I like that there are handles to tuck underneath the seats to keep the whole thing in place. The pockets are very convenient: I store extra dog-waste-bags, a [collapsible] water bowl, snacks, etc.My puppy LOVES this hammock. At first she was skeptical (she liked the front seat) but now she only wants to sit in the hammock! It helps her to stand and walk around without falling. She is very comfortable in the backseat now. I would definitely recommend this product!”

  • Available sizes: One size
  • Available colors: Blue camouflage


The Best For Full-Coverage

What’s great about it: On top of protection for the back seat, this comprehensive seat cover set comes with special headrest protectors, a drape for the back of the front seats, and an extra door cover so that virtually every inch of the car is secured. The four-layer polyester is thick enough to prevent your pooch’s paws from scratching the seats, and the back has rubber mesh to keep it from sliding around.

This machine-washable cover is made with sturdy zippers, and it has plenty of padding to keep your dog comfy, too. Additional features include strong seat anchors and Velcro seat belt holes. Even better: it comes with a compatible seat belt for your dog.

One reviewer wrote: “IT FITS GREAT!!! Stabilizing straps help compensate for small and larger back seats, the color and thick durable fabric quality suits perfectly! In FACT, it just looks like it’s always belonged!! My dog loves his new padded backseat area, no more having to worry about him slipping to the floor board or scratching up the center console.”

  • Available sizes: Standard and X-Large
  • Available colors: Black


The Most Popular Car Seat Protector

What’s great about it: This highly rated bench seat protector is another reliable choice for dog owners, with waterproof polyester material that resists sharp claws and a nonslip backing and anchors to help keep it in place. With over 17,000 fans on Amazon, this cover is both easy to clean (it’s machine washable) and easy to install (it’s sized to fit most bench seats that feature adjustable headrests). And it has slits so you can still access seatbelts for a safe ride.

One reviewer wrote: “This is an incredible bang for your buck. The cover is made really well, it’s heavy duty and fit my 2019 Chevy like a glove. I have 4 dogs so protecting my beautiful leather seats from their claws and dirt is a must! The [openings] for the seatbelts are really nice as I do have people ride in the backseat occasionally. I still can’t believe it was under $40! And it looks very nice too:)”

  • Available sizes: One size (46 by 50 inches)
  • Available colors: Tan, gray, black, or sage green


The Most Convenient Design

What’s great about it: If you have a nervous pup who needs to be able to see you at all times, this Vailge dog seat cover is the perfect solution. It has a zip-down mesh window that allows your pup to still see into the front of the car, along with 600-denier Oxford material that’s waterproof and machine washable. Like other options, this one also leaves the seatbelt clips accessible. Reviewers noted that this car seat cover is easy to install, and it comes in two sizes so you have a better chance of getting just the right fit.

One reviewer wrote: “Installation is super easy and our pup loved it. She’s usually a restless rider, and I think she felt very comfortable because she slept most of the way on our trip. The mesh front is great to allow her to see what’s going on, but not allow her to attempt to move to the front seats. I have an Acura RDX, and the XL was a little large, but I’d rather have it like that instead of it being too tight.”

  • Available sizes: Standard (56 by 60 inches) and X-Large (60 by 64 inches)

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