The 15 Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats For 2021

I was pretty fond of my first yoga mat. With a cushiony feel in a cheerful mint green, it seemingly had it all — until I did my first sweaty downward dog and face-planted in front an entire class. The best non-slip yoga mats are a solid investment for this reason, and many others, too. For example, non-slip yoga mats also usually synonymous with durability and carefully selected materials. After all, you can’t just throw a bunch of haphazard ingredients together and expect it to stand up to crow pose, so especially if you’re a beginner yogi, you can expect this investment to last.

One of the reasons I love yoga is because it doesn’t require any fancy equipment or personal trainers. It’s open to any level, you can take a class on YouTube, and it uses the weight and resilience of your own body to strengthen your muscles and your mind. That being said, your yoga mat is your foundation during your practice. It’s the one thing that stands between you and a hardwood floor when you’re balancing on your head, so it’s important to choose one that fits your needs.

Thankfully, anti-slip mats come in all shapes, types, and sizes. Whether you’re looking for the best mat for bad knees or something that’s healthy for both you and the environment, these options have you covered.


The Overall Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat

For quality, durability, and (of course) a secure grip, the Jade Harmony mat is a well-loved option — especially for under the $100 mark. It’s made from natural rubber, which offers unparalleled traction while also providing some cushioning. It’s also available in seven colors and two sizes to suit most practices. “I tried every other ‘sticky’ mat out there,” wrote one of over 4,000-plus reviewers, but in their opinion, “Jade mats are the only ones that will keep you from slipping.”

One reviewer wrote: “Amazing mat. […] The grip is phenomenal! This mat has definitely allowed me to take my head and handstands to a new level.”


The Best Budget Yoga Mat

Even though it’s less than $20, the BalanceFrom GoYoga mat has thousands of reviews that call it “great,” “amazing,” and “good quality.” Among its dependable features, you get moisture-resistant technology that’s easy to wash and won’t slip with sweat, and 0.25 inches of high-density, eco-friendly foam that’s super cushioning. It’s super lightweight and comes with a free carrying strap for convenient transport to and from your classes.

One reviewer wrote: “This mat is great for the price! […] On other, cheaper mats I have slipped or the mat has bunched up annoyingly but this one hasn’t done anything of the sort!”


The Overall Best Non-Slip Travel Mat

Non-slip materials aren’t always lightweight or travel-friendly, but the Gaiam’s folding travel mat is the exception. It’s thin and folds up (rather than rolling) so you can fit it in a carry-on or commuting bag more easily. However, it still features a sticky texture that improves stability while you’re practicing away from home. You can get this mat in six colors, all with intricate designs.

One reviewer wrote: “Perfect travel mat! I’ve taken this in my suitcase – to Europe and on weekend trips. It folds up nicely – the scoring is perfect and doesn’t interfere with using the mat. It’s a nice non-slip mat and fairly light-weight.”


A Fan-Favorite Mat That’s Great For Hot Yoga

For extra hot, humid environments (like a hot yoga class), some people prefer an absorbent, towel-like fabric. Others, however, prefer something that’s not at all absorbent, so it’s easier to wipe clean. If the latter sounds like you, the IUGA Pro hot yoga mat fits the bill. It uses a special polyurethane layer that delivers traction and support, even while you’re dripping sweat. After the class, it wipes clean. With more than 2,000 reviewers giving it a 4.6-star overall rating, it’s clearly been tested and loved.

One reviewer wrote: “I ABSOLUTELY do no slip in hot yoga. I am an instructor and use my mat daily.”


A Budget Non-Slip Mat In 40+ Designs

Even the most affordable mats are offered in a few colors, but few combine affordability, quality, and style quite like the Gaiam yoga mat. This one is offered in literally dozens of eye-catching designs, from intricate mandalas to mountaintops to alignment charts — and in a huge range of shades, too. In addition to the way it looks, it also offers a sticky, non-slip texture, comfortable padding, and a lightweight PVC design, all for a great price.

One reviewer wrote: “Super comfortable mat! Found it super grippy, even through sweaty hot yoga classes. […] The design is very beautiful and the color is soothing.”


A Machine-Washable Mat With A Towel-Like Surface

If you’re looking for an absorbent material to ensure that moisture doesn’t pool on top of your mat, the Aurorae Synergy has a two-in-one design that one buyer called “revolutionary.” It combines both a supportive PER yoga mat with a non-slip, sweat-absorbing microfiber yoga towel, all in one. It’s also machine-washable on gentle with warm water, so it’s extra easy to get a deep clean.

One reviewer wrote: “My hands and feet get really sweaty during even basic (non-hot) yoga classes, and slipping was really a problem for me with the typical rubber mats. […] These mats are excellent at absorbing sweat and are very easy to wash on a gentle, quick wash cycle in my washing machine and then hang dry.”


The Best Yoga Set For The Beginner

Finally, if you’re in need of both a non-slip mat as well as some useful props, consider the Clever yoga set. This seven-piece purchase includes the company’s best-selling grippy yoga mat, two foam blocks, a hand towel, a mat towel, a strap, and a carrying bag. It’s offered in five colors, and according to reviewers and its 4.7-star overall rating, it’s one of the best values around.

One reviewer wrote: “The mat is so nice and thick and the blocks are super high quality. The blanket and sweat towel are super nice as well! I love how it comes in a bag to store it all together or bring with you on the go.”


A Durable Option That’s Only $40

You don’t have to spend upwards of $100 to find a mat that can stand up to a rigorous practice and years of use. According to reviewers, the Gruper yoga mat is “super durable” and “really sturdy”; in fact, one buyer “even tried to rip it just to make sure it had the same durability as advertised,” and “rest assured it does.” It’s made from several layers of thermoplastic elastomers, and the top has an anti-skid, textured design to keep your hands and feet where they should be.

One reviewer wrote: “I really like how this yoga mat is thick and durable. It is definitely one of the best non slip mat I have ever used.”


A Budget Option That’s Great For Hot, Sweaty Practices

If you tend to sweat a lot during your practice (and that’s where the slipperiness comes in), the Dralegend yoga mat is an affordable solution. It’s designed to suit hot, sweaty practices because the TPE material absorbs moisture rather than allowing it to sit on the surface. It’s also well-cushioned and anti-skid on both sides thanks to its reversible, grippy surfaces. Last but not least, it’s lightweight and comes with a carrying strap.

One reviewer wrote: “It has been great for garage workouts and holds up well to sweat. It has a ‘grippy’ texture and has been great for both yoga and strength workouts.”


The Mat With A Lifetime Warranty

If you’re willing to make a life-long investment for your yoga practice, the Manduka PRO mat is the way to go. It’s considered one of the best of the best among professional yoga teachers and advanced yogis alike, all because the more you use it, the better it gets. The closed-cell, OEKO-TEX- compliant PVC material wicks sweat, grips your hands and feet, remains easy to clean, and provides both balance and adequate cushioning at the same time. It even comes in a larger size if you prefer extra room to maneuver. It’s also offered with a lifetime warranty, so on the off chance anything happens to your mat, they’ll replace it for free. (Keep in mind that this option needs to be broken in before it reaches optimal traction levels.)

One reviewer wrote: “Manduka’s mats were recommended to me by my friend/yoga teacher, so I bought one for my boyfriend for Christmas, and he bought me the travel version. Both of them are seriously the most awesome mats ever. […] So worth the price.”


A Recyclable Synthetic Mat

Because it uses a certified TPE material, this Heathyoga eco-friendly mat is recyclable. The double-layer structure provides optimal grip on both sides. It also has an alignment chart printed on it, so you can ensure that your hands and feet are in the right position. It’s 0.25-inches thick, and comes in three colors.

One reviewer wrote: “It is truly a nonslip mat with good quality. I took hot yoga 2-3 times a week. It has some smell but will go away. This mat is light and nonslip. I love it and easy to clean.”


A Cushioning Mat In Dozens Of Colors & Patterns

The YogaAccessories mat is a thicker 0.25 inches and made of a dense foam that provides loads of cushioning for your joints without all that extra bulk: “The quarter-inch thickness gives it just the right amount of cush, making it easy on your feet and knees,” says one reviewer. That being said, others are also impressed with the durability of its non-slip surface, which is double-sided. Finally, it comes in almost 30 colors, some of which are patterned or reversible.

One reviewer wrote: “I also want a mat that offers me a little extra cushion to protect my knee joints, yet does not hinder my standing poses by making it difficult to balance. Again, this mat fits the bill perfectly.”


The Best Cork & Rubber Mat

While most yoga mats on the market are still made from some kind of synthetic, foam-like material, all-natural mats are getting more and more popular. The GURUS sweat-proof mat is made from natural cork and rubber, and it’s a go-to for people who want a high-density surface to cushion their joints. Especially in the presence of sweat, it’s also especially grippy, and of course, it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly.

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve noticed minimal sliding, even on my carpeted floor where I do my practice at home. If it moves an inch or two during my home practice, I’d be surprised. I can’t say that with any other mat I’ve tried, and I’ve tried several.”


The Best Jute Mat

Jute is an eco-friendly, all-natural material that also happens to be very non-slip, which helps explain why the Anja reversible organic yoga mat has earned a 4.6-star rating overall from over 1,500 buyers. Not only do the natural jute fibers offer traction and stability, but they also repel unwanted odors and stains while remaining durable against wear and tear — or, you can use the rubber side, instead.

One reviewer wrote: “I love texture of the mat, especially the jute side. The natural fibers do feel more grounding to me and the little bits of foam weaved throughout add the perfect amount of anti slip for me.”


A Lightweight Mat With 4,000+ Reviews

Made with a textured grippy surface on one side and a wavy non-slip design on the other, this Clever Yoga BetterGrip mat stays in place on the floor and keeps your hands steady on the mat. It’s designed to withstand the sweatiest and toughest of practices with its closed-cell, non-tear TPE material. And at 72 inches long, it’s still less than 2 pounds in weight. Plus, it’s backed by more than 4,000 reviewers who’ve given it a 4.5-star overall rating.

One reviewer wrote: “I’m tall at 6’2″ so finding long mats is already an issue especially if I’m doing asanas like reclined mountain with arms overhead or plow. It doesn’t slip AT ALL which is great and provides excellent grip even if I’m sweaty. I love it!”

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