Tallia Storm – Age, Net Worth and Social Media Influencer Profiles

Tallia Storm has earned massive popularity at such young age, which everyone could only dream of. She was born in Scotland. At just 13 years of age, Elton John had launched her as a singer. Besides being a professional singer, now she is also a social media influencer.

Her first music album was released in 2017, which is a massive hit in her singing career. Furthermore, as a social media influencer, Tallia wants to make awareness about how to become self-sufficient. She won the Boisdale music award in 2019.

Afterward, Tallia was nominated as the 5th most inspiring googled act worldwide in 2018. Moreover, Tallia has also worked with some heavyweight singers who help her become a better human and singer.

Besides being creatively famous on social media, Tallia makes regular appearances on TV and gives many interviews to many TV channels. She is a highly motivated and confident singer.

It is why the likes of Radio 1 teen awards and Landon Fashion Week had hired her as a presenter.

Her interest in fashion makes her post different outfit designs and make-up tips on social media platforms.

Tallia loves her hair, and often she tells the secret behind her stunning hair to the audience. Since she is pretty busy and her schedule is quite hectic, she has to travel long distances almost every day.

It is why she has fallen in love with traveling diaries. Tallia often shares her traveling photos and videos on her Instagram.

She is genuinely an excellent social media influencer because her fans are always willing to act upon her teaching advice. If you want to become a fan of her and look at her closely, you can follow her at @talliastorm / Instagram.

Tallia Storm Social Media Reach:

  • Instagram Follower:  465k+
  • Twitter Followers: 54.9k+

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