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KiddoZone Educational Games Letter Spelling Word Card Math Learning Ages 4-8, Matching Letter Game for Kids Toys for 3-8 Year Old Boys Girls


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Product Description

Product Description:

The card is a double-sided words flash cards with vivid pictures on it. With this toy set, children can get a lot-recognize letters, recognize objects and words, spelling exercises, recognize numbers and solve math problems.
64 words, including 18 3-letter words, 24 4-letter words and 22 5-letter words.
64 arithmetic problems, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
1+ players, kids can play and learn indoors and outdoors, can play with their parents, or with their friends. Use the competition mode to see who has spelled the correct words and the calculation is correct, so that the children can make progress together.

Method A: Matching-spelling/arithmetic

Simple letter matching and number matching, let children recognize numbers and words through pictures.Parents can let their children read the card as they look at the card, or let the child recognize the corresponding letter in the letter block through the words on the card to deepen the impression of the word. There are numbers from 1 to 10 in the caliper. Parents can teach children to recognize the fonts of numbers, and it also helps to improve children’s hands-on ability.

Method B: Covering game

Setup: Stack the cards neatly in the same direction and place them in the card position, facing to the child and cover with the cover.
1. Show the child the word and then cover it. Let the children spell out the words.
2. When the answer is correct, the child will get the card. When the answer isn’t correct, please use the method of GAME#1 to reinforcement of learning until the word will be spelled correctly.

(Arithmetic Same as above)

Method C: Digital Decomposition Ruler

By pulling the math calculation decomposition ruler, children can find the combination of addition and subtraction, and intuitively see the combination of numbers. Parents can play with kids. After children learn the combination of addition and subtraction, parents can say a number at will. Children say that the number can be divided into several combinations of addition and subtraction. Defeating children can deepen their memory and use the knowledge they have learned.

Method D: DIY

Parents can use mobile phones to increase the difficulty, to find more difficult words and calculations, and make them into the form of electronic graphic cards, which will be inserted into the slots, so that the children can start a new round of difficult games.


1. There are small parts in the toy, kids should play with an adult, and store it in time after playing.

2. Small parts, not for children under 3 years.

3.When finish playing, all the items should be put in order and the quantity-checking should be done to prevent loss.

Educational Games for Kids Ages 3-8 Preschool children’s cognitive enlightenment games, card games help children cultivate observation ability, cognitive ability, the word matching game help develop memory skills, spelling, word recognition ability, digital decomposition scale to help learn simple addition and subtraction, family and friends to cooperate game help improve social skills and strategic thinking skills.
Warm and interesting interactive game Parents and children with interactive play letter matching game, is a very good way to promote parent-child relationship, the guidance of parents to stimulate children’s interest in learning, improve their response ability, encourage children to actively learn to understand the vocabulary has a great help. You’ll be happy to spend time with it to help your child learn visual vocabulary and simple math math that she had to learn in kindergarten.
2 in 1 children’s educational game 2 in 1 updated interactive educational matching game, including a matching tray, 32 cards (double-sided printed cards), 10 letter cubes, 20 number blocks, 5 mathematical symbol blocks, 1 number resolution ruler, and playing Guide. The perfect combination of letters and numbers gives children a variety of game experiences.
Enlightening simple and interesting toys for children let children learn in fun, in learning letters, new word spelling to find fun, expand the children’s vocabulary. They will be motivated to actively learn and enjoy spelling words and recognizing letters. This is a very interesting educational toy that will help your child improve his imagination and thinking ability and independent thinking ability when he is associating words.
A safety game for children Making of high quality environment-friendly plastic products with no peculiar smell, falling and play-resistant texture, smooth and delicate feel, and do not hurt children’s hands.The guards for children to play.Best birthday gift for kids!

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KiddoZone Educational Games Letter Spelling Word Card Math Learning Ages 4-8, Matching Letter Game for Kids Toys for 3-8 Year Old Boys Girls


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