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I am a pretty organized person. My husband jokingly has called me Monica (Friends reference) since we met because I get so excited for cleaning, organization, and all things order! I have had people ask me about different products to organize kids’ toys, beauty, car mess, etc so I wanted to share the organization items to simplify your life you will want and that you definitely need!

Organization Items To Simplify Your Life

Acrylic containers: I use these acrylic organizers everywhere! To organize bows, medicines, and essentials in the kids’ rooms, makeup, and products in our bathroom, stuff in kitchen drawers, etc. I even have one on my vanity for daily skincare, and one on my nightstands for the things I keep out.

Google everything: I used to be a big paper planner girl, big to-do list girl, notebook girl, etc. But honestly, in the past few years, I have really become more of a digital organizer. I use Google Calendar for everything and just have it color-coded for work, personal, family, etc. I have a to-do list app for that and use the notes app on my phone and Evernote.

Zip pouches: I LOVE Truffle and The Daily Edited clear zip pouches. These are amazing for kids’ stuff in diaper bags, packing toiletries, my big tote I use daily, etc. You can use them for snacks, toys, travel stuff, cords, you name it.

Car organization bin: I got this car organization bin recently and it has been a LIFESAVER! It fits perfectly in between the two car seats and has a ton of pockets. The two big spaces hold books and toys for the kids to have in the car. Perfect for kids’ toys, snacks, water bottles, etc. Way better than toys ALL OVER the car!

Bins for kids’ toys: We have 10 of these bins in our playroom and actually have them labeled. They fit great in the shelf cubbies we have and hold a ton more than you think they would. They have made our playroom look so much neater. I also have clear bins for all the play dough, crayons, paper, craft stuff. Game changer!

Label Maker: You can’t organize properly without a label maker! I have had one for years and I use it a ton. It’s great for labeling pretty much everything.

Clear containers for Pantry: We have these clear containers in our pantry and love how they look. I feel like they give the pantry great organization without feeling overwhelming. Great to organize snacks, cans, bars, etc.

Shirt folder: When I worked with The Neat Method on our closet they had this shirt folder and I knew I had to get one. This makes folding shirts the Marie Condo way so easy!

I hope this gives you a little organization inspiration! The organization is fun to me and honestly an organized space is a happy space in my world!


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