Opera GX wants you to create the next ‘No Internet’ browser game — Forget Chrome’s Dinosaur!

Google Chrome‘s famed Dinosaur Game and Microsoft Edge‘s secret surfing game have kept us entertained when our Wi-Fi router is on the fritz, but the time has come for another in-browser offline game — Opera GX wants you to make it.

Opera GX, the web browser built for gamers, announced its Opera GX Game Jam 2021 competition inviting game creators and artists to create the next “No Internet” browser game that displays when Wi-Fi is out. Better yet, there’s a $10,000 cash prize for the winner. 

Google Chrome’s Dinosaur Game (Image credit: Google)

Make the next offline browser game for Opera GX

Submissions for the Game Jam competition kick off from Thursday, July 29, when the theme of the event will be unveiled, too. Participants will be tasked with creating a game in the Opera GX browser based on a mystery theme, with the best HTML5 endless game getting a grand prize of $10K and having the game played by millions of users (with no internet).

Game designers will also get cash prizes for second and third place, with a $7,000 runner-up reward and $3,000 for third place. If you’re a whizz at game design, you may as well give it a shot.

The best game will receive expert development support from the GameMaker team, before being unleashed on the Opera GX desktop browser. It will also be seen across the social accounts of Opera GX, GameMaker Studio 2 and Game Jolt.

“We created the GX Game Jam to call on all artists and creative gamers to make the offline experience fun,” said product director of Opera GX, Maciej Kocemba.

Artists and game creators can register their interest, get a free GameMaker Studio 2 license for the duration of the competition, and find out all they need to know by heading over to Game Jolt.

Speaking of all things gaming, you may get some inspiration to create a game of your own by exploring classic video game levels in your browser thanks to a digital museum. 

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