Oculus Quest 2 long-term review — what I hate and love about the VR headset

“Whoa! This is [expletive] amazing!” I thought when I first strapped on the Oculus Quest 2 (now called Meta Quest 2) in 2020. “First Contact,” a free app designed to introduce newbies into the Quest world, thrusted me into an ‘80s-themed RV where I got to interact with an expressive robot, virtual floppy disks, dancing LED butterflies, rocket launchers, and dart guns.

“Is this paradise?” I wondered, almost shedding a tear. First Contact, as well as First Steps (another get-to-know-the-Quest-2 app), were my first experiences on the popular VR headset.“ This is just the beginning!” I thought. “Considering how awesome these apps are, imagine how mind-blowing the games will be?”

First Contact

First Contact (Image credit: Meta)

Boy was I wrong!

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