Lenovo’s strange new charging pad can power a laptop wirelessly — sort of

Lenovo‘s new line of Go accessories includes a unique Wireless Charging Kit that lets you charge your laptop by placing it on a mat. However, you’ll still need a USB Type-C connection.

Using a charging strip connected via USB-C and a wireless charging mat, Lenovo’s new accessory can wirelessly charge 13-inch laptops and 14-inch laptops with up to 65W of power. To make it work, the company used Power-by-Contact (PbC) technology from wireless charging company Energysquare. 

(Image credit: Lenovo)

The Wireless Charging Kit is comprised of a brushed nickel charging pad and a wireless charging strip with two pogo pins on the bottom. The rubber charging strip is placed at the bottom of a laptop then connected to one of its USB-C ports.

Once attached, the laptop can be placed on the charging mat, which needs to be plugged into a 45W to 65W charger. Once the two pins connect to the mat, the laptop will charge away. This means users won’t have to plug in a charging cable every time the laptop needs some juice.

In the announcement, Lenovo states the charging kit will be available sometime in October and will be priced at €139 (around $166). Not only does the kit charge your laptop but it elevates the notebook at an angle for a more comfortable work setup and better airflow.

With the Wireless Charging Kit taking up a USB-C slot, those looking to invest in Lenovo’s new tech will want to check out the best laptop docking stations and best USB-C hubs for the extra ports. 

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