Introducing Coachies, Personality Filled Pieces

When I first heard about Coach’s new, playful line of bags, I was immediately taken back to our forums’ early days. The Coach forum was buzzing with members chatting daily about their mutual love for Coach, and one day they named themselves the Coachies. I don’t remember the specific day that it happened, but it did, and forever more, the frequenters of the Coach subforum would be called Coachies. To my delight, I saw that Coach is releasing a new line of bags, also aptly named the Coach Coachies.

This line of bags is quite different for the brand; it’s the ever-loved Coach Rogue and other small leather goods packed with personality. What do I mean when I say personality? Well, it’s quite literal as each bag has a character that comes together with different materials and showcases totally different traits. This joyful take on the coveted Rogue bags is a welcomed delight, and while it may not speak to everyone, there is an entire market for bags as people (think the highly sought-after Hermès Kellydole bags).

Meet the Characters

There’s Dreamie, an all-knowing and slightly sarcastic version with a sly side-eye design and tassel hair. The glove-tanned leather is incredibly supple and smooth, and Dreamie comes in the Rogue 25 size. There’s also Winkie in the Rogue 17 and he might be my favorite, it’s fun-loving spirit shines thru in this smaller size bag that comes to life with Coach details like grommet eyes and Signature charm hands. If you want one of these bags but prefer it with a little less spunk, there’s Sparkie who is a Coach Rogue 25. Sparkie features navy glove-tanned leather and flat turnlock base grommet eyes, metal-cap hangtag hands, and key hood legs – he’s also the self-appointed leader of the pack.

Introducing the Coachies 2
Introducing the Coachies

The line of Coachies are all limited-edition but also environmentally conscious, featuring the Coach Signature Textile Jacquard crafted from a blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles. I’ve always been drawn to bags because they allow us to show our own personality, so this spirited take on these bags puts an immediate smile on my face (plus, Coach has created some really fun videos for these bags, too!). These are sure to be a hit with many Coach fans, and I have always loved a quirky take on a bag and adore this line even more so because of the name that will forever remind me of the original Coachies on the PurseForum.

Shop the new line of Coachies now!

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