Google will make it difficult for Android apps to track you — here’s how

Google is making it more difficult for Android apps on the Google Play Store to track users who opted out of personalized ads, with the security update set to roll out in late 2021.

Google Play apps use advertising IDs to offer Android smartphone users personalized ads, which gives developers a way to monetize their apps. Currently, app developers can access the advertising IDs of all users, including those who decided to opt-out of being shown these ads. 

According to a recent update on its support page (via MakeUseOf), the tech giant will no longer show the advertising ID of users who don’t allow personalized ads. Instead, developers will only get a “string of zeros in place of the identifier.”

Google notified developers of the upcoming privacy update, although no specific date was mentioned. However, the update will first roll out to Android 12 devices later this year, while all other Android devices will get the same treatment by early 2022.

Google doubles down on privacy 

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