Google to offer iMessage features to more Android phone users

Google announced it plans to bring its text messaging app to more Android smartphone users, making it the default messaging application for all AT&T customers in the United States.

Messages by Google offers upgraded messaging features also found on Apple’s popular iMessage app. Bringing Rich Communication Services (RCS) coverage to even more Android users by default means customers will easily be able to send higher-quality video, full-resolution pictures, and even see the three dots to know when someone is replying. 

As stated in the post, RCS also lets users send and receive messages over Wi-Fi or data, as opposed to using other messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Along with being able to create group chats, the SMS upgrade will also have Google’s end-to-end encryption for one-on-one RCS conversations. 

(Image credit: Google)

Executive vice president and general manager at AT&T David Christopher stated the company aims to  “extend these benefits to even more of our customers as they enjoy richer conversations with others around the world.”

For those who aren’t fans of the Android green text bubble, it looks like all those messages will now turn blue with the RCS coverage upgrade. Google did not state when these features will be available to AT&T customers by default, but Android phone users can expect them “soon.”

After Microsoft announced Windows 11, CEO Satya Nadella claimed the company would welcome Apple bringing iMessage to Windows, along with other apps. If this is the case, Google will still have a long way to go to compete with Apple’s popular messaging app. 

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