Google Chrome may add this cool new tab-group feature — and it’s a total lifesaver

Google Chrome may roll out a new feature that will let users breathe a sigh of relief if they accidentally ousted a tab group. In the same way Chrome users can retrieve recently closed sites, the new tab-group perk lets users recover tab groups they mindlessly discarded.

This new feature was spotted by a Reddit user with the moniker Leopeva64-2. The Redditor said they discovered the new tab-group feature thanks to a new Canary flag (via Android Police).

A new tab-group feature may be on the horizon

Google introduced tab groups last May with the release of Chrome 83. Tab-happy users praised the addition; it helped them declutter and organize their chaotic browsing sessions. Now, the search engine giant may be planning on introducing a new feature: tab-group retrieval via the History menu.

Tab groups

Tab groups (Image credit: Reddit/Leopeva64-2)

How does it work? Well, let’s say you go on a tab-group closing spree, and you accidentally close a group of tabs you wanted to keep. This tab group had about 10 websites lumped together, and you couldn’t be bothered with rebuilding it — that would be too time-consuming. Worry not! This new tab-group perk allows you to go navigate to the History menu and retrieve your recently closed tabs groups.

If you don’t want to restore the whole group, you can cherry-pick the tabs you want to recover by using the sub-menus.

tab groups

tab groups (Image credit: Reddit/Leopeva64-2)

You can access this feature on Chrome Canary by typing “chrome://flags” into the address bar and enabling the “Show app menu history sub-menus” flag.

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