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Have you ever heard about how some friendships are “for a reason, a season, or a lifetime?” It’s a concept that I don’t think I would have understood well before 30. Friendships in your 30s are different. In my personal experience, it’s when I have learned the most about friendships. This post started as a blurb in a newsletter I wrote a few weeks ago and I really wanted to expand on it after having so many good conversations via email with people.
friendships in your 30s

Friendships In Your 30s

I think growing up you have a lot of friends for a reason. You are all together in school, or sports, or dance, or whatever it is you do. Maybe they are your neighbors and your parents are friends. But as you grow up you most likely drift from most of them. Then you have your friends for a season. So they are your college drinking buddies, or friends from your first job, maybe they are girls you would go to bars with in your early 20s. Those “season of life” friends. To me, there are a lot of these friends you think will be lifetime friends but you each leave those “seasons” at different times. Then there are the friends for a lifetime. So you might have some from growing up you are still close with. Maybe a few of the girls from your early 20s are still in your life.

For me, the friends I have now are all the people I see in my life in the long run. I feel like at 38 I am the most myself I have been and the people I surround myself with are people I align with on things that are important to us and they are people who have my back. They are people who cheer me on and make me feel great about myself and hopefully I am doing the same for them. I learned in my 30s who I was and in return, it showed me who the reals ones are. It doesn’t matter if you met someone a week ago, a year ago, or 35 years ago. You know when you know with friendships just like any other relationship.

Cherish these friendships and be the kind of friend you want people to be to you.

I would love to know your thoughts on this concept!

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