First official Samsung Galaxy S23 pictures leak, and it looks a bit like an iPhone 6!

The first official images of the Samsung Galaxy S23 have just leaked — hot on the heels of the Galaxy Unpacked event announcement. Posted by WinFuture, they show a range of colors and (to my eyes) a fair bit of inspiration taken from the iPhone 6.

Not to say there’s a home button on here. It’s still all screen up front. But from the raised camera lens rather than an integrated bump to the curved metallic edges, something feels quite “Apple” about this year’s models.

What other info can we gather from these pictures?

Samsung Galaxy S23

(Image credit: WinFuture)

While there’s no official details in relation to specs that we can glean from these pictures, we can start to make some logical assumptions based on leaks and rumors we already know.

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