Advanced malware is stealing gaming account data — Steam, Epic Games and more at risk

Cybersecurity analysts discovered an advanced malware being advertised on a Russian-speaking underground forum, and not only can it harvest valuable information via a user’s gaming account, but anyone can purchase the malicious stealer for under $10.

Known as BloodyStealer, the trojan malware allows cybercriminals to grab information from the most popular online gaming platforms found on PC, including from Epic Games Store, GOG, Origin, and Steam. The threat actor can loot private information found on a user’s account, and put a price tag on it on the black market. 

As discovered by cybersecurity analysts Kaspersky and spotted by @3xp0rtblog on Twitter, the malware was first found back in March after its author put up an advertisement on an underground forum. The ad stated that BloodyStealer costs 700 RUB (around $9.65) for one month or 3,000 RUB (around $41.31) for a lifetime.

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