9 Easy Clean Beauty Swaps To Make – It Starts With Coffee

When I started my journey with clean beauty it was SO overwhelming. I wanted to switch everything at once and that’s just not realistic. It takes time, trial and error, and research. If you are wanting to start the process these are 9 easy clean beauty swaps to make to get you on your way!

9 Easy Clean Beauty Swaps To Make


Deodorant: This was the first thing I switched. I find this to be the easiest switch because there are so many options. My favorite is Native. It’s easy and you can buy it nearly anywhere at this point.

Mascara: I wanted to switch the makeup I wear the most so I started with mascara. There are a TON I love. But I reach for this one from ILIA the most.

Concealer: There are so many amazing options out there for concealer but the ILIA one is my personal favorite. I also really love this one from Kosas.

Body lotion: This was one of the last things I switched. But I really love Necessaire’s body lotion. I love that there is no scent too!

Moisturizer: Depending on the time of year I either use the Supergoop superscreen or the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro. Both are very moisturizing and great for sensitive skin.

Serum: If you are going to spend money on ANY serum, I truly think the Vintner’s Daughter serum is the best one. I use this every day and think it has done incredible things to my skin.

Eye cream: I am the biggest fan of the Supergoop eye cream. It’s brightening too which helps my very sleep-deprived eyes.

Sunscreen: One of the most important switches I made was sunscreen. I use the Supergoop sunscreen and to me, it’s the best one out there.

If you have made the switch to clean beauty I would love to know what was the easiest or hardest for you. Leave them below!

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