8 year old female English Setter available for adoption

Dana is an 8 year old female English Setter. She is very beautiful and friendly. Dana is a very lucky hunting dog compared to most we help.

She’s been lucky enough to be with a hunter who has taken good care of her, but she’s retired now and he doesn’t want her to spend her life watching the others go out hunting and leaving her behind so he asked one of the rescuers we work with to help her find “the best family in the world for her retirement years”. She will stay with her hunter until she is able to travel.

Dana is a terrific girl, a really lovely girl. She gets on well with other dogs and people. She’s great with everyone! Dana is in North Spain, where we help rescue hunting dogs in the area, but she is ready to travel to the UK to start her retirement with the “best family in the world”. Could that you??

If you are interested in our lovely Dana, she is available at Setter Brittany Pointer Rescue. Have a look at our website for more details or email us if you would like to know more.

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