7 month old female Chihuahua Cross available for adoption

Bonnie is a 7 month old female Chihuahua Cross. She is looking for rehoming with no fault of her own: unfortunately, the partner has a severe allergy to asthmatic components.

The family is desperate, but all efforts to cope with the allergy didn’t work. They have another adult dog, a fox terrier, but this is a hypoallergenic breed and didn’t cause issues.

Bonnie has everything to be loved: she is very positive, always happy, very playful and active, adores cuddles, and loves kissing everyone: people, dogs, cats. BONNIE is very friendly and playful with dogs and cats.

She is very confident, a little funny plays boss at home. Bonnie is a sweet fountain of love, you will be never bored with her. She doesn’t cause any problems at home: no chews, no mess. Housetrained. Good on a lead.

Bonnie will perfectly suit home with the other young, active, playful and friendly small/medium dogs. Bonnie is also good with cats, but cats should be used to dogs, as Bonnie loves to play with cats.

Bonnie is healthy, not neutered due to young age (new owners should commit to neutering within 2 months after the first season), and microchipped. Has puppy vaccinations.

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Paw Help UK

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Paw Help UK, please email pawhelpuk@gmail.com or by telephoning 07473162893 for an application form.

Paw Help UK represents a PAW HELP Rescue and Adopt network (Ukraine/Poland/Belarus).

This is foster based Rescue network, run by dogs-loving enthusiastic volunteers (not paid positions) existing only on public donations (including Adoption Fees as a mean to support rescue work: food, shelter, vet bills and vaccinations), no state or other funding. A lot of our rescue dogs are fostered in UK before going to their forever homes.

Paw Help UK works as adoption centre for pets rescued in Eastern Europe (Poland&Ukraine&Belarus), we are helping the rescue pets of all ages, health, temperaments, and history to find there forever loving home.

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