5 Best Routines For A Seamless Day – It Starts With Coffee

I have always been pretty routine. I do the same things, in the same way, most of the time. I am TYPE A through and through, and while sometimes it’s not the best thing (I am not great at spontaneity), other times it truly saves me. I want to share the 5 best routines for a seamless day. As a busy mom of two kids four and under, as well as someone who works full time for herself, routines are my saving grace.

best routines for a seamless day


5 Best Routines For A Seamless Day

Morning Routine: Our mornings stay pretty much the same every day. I wake up around 5:40, brush my teeth, change, and go in the office and do the Peloton. Andrew gets the kids up and gives them breakfast. After I workout,  I freshen up, and then I have breakfast and coffee. During the school year, I get Liam ready for school (right now camp) and get Charlotte dressed. We drop off Liam, then Charlotte and I usually take a walk or we head to the Y so she can play with baby friends and I do a little bit of cardio.

Workout Routine:  Right now I do Peloton every morning. Usually a combo of bike, barre, yoga, and strength. I try to walk with Charlotte every single day. I also like to go to the Y and get a little more cardio in when I can. The Peloton has really been such a savior in our house. It’s been great for Andrew and I to both be able to get workouts done easily and around our own schedules.

Laundry: I used to do laundry every week but now I do one load a day of our clothes and then on Fridays I wash all towels, and Saturdays all sheets. Doing a load a day keeps it from piling up and honestly doesn’t take too long to fold and put away. That way I am never behind.

Meal Planning: Andrew and I meal plan before he does the grocery shopping and I try to plan out the kids and my lunches as well. I am boring and eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch most days. Breakfast is always oatmeal and a banana and lunch is almost always a chopped salad. I use leftover chicken from whatever we had the night before as my protein. Dinners we almost always do something with Chicken or ground turkey. So meal planning and grocery shopping are pretty easy. We do a TON of fresh produce!

Night Routine: I like to get everything ready for the next day at night. I pack Liam’s lunches and snacks and get his water ready. I lay out his clothes and pack his backpack. I lay out my workout clothes for the morning and clean up the kid’s rooms and the playroom. We always clean the kitchen and run the dishwasher and robot vacuum at night. I try to read a little bit, I do my skincare routine and if I can I meditate. We almost always watching a little something before going to bed.

I think certain routines can really make aspects of your life so much easier and more seamless.

I would love to know what routines you have?


This post was originally published in 2019 and has been updated for 2021

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