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Valentine’s Day is a funny holiday here because Liam’s birthday is the very next day. But we still love to celebrate love! I wanted to share 4 ways to make Valentines special for kids so that you can show the kids in your life how much you love them in these fun and simple ways!

make valentines special for kids


4 Ways To Make Valentines Special For Kids

Special breakfast: This is SUCH an easy one to do! Our kids love pancakes and think colored sprinkles are the best thing ever. So for holidays, birthdays, etc we’ll make pancakes with that holiday colored sprinkles. So for Valentines red and pink! So easy right? You can even make them in the shapes of hearts! A little extra step your kids will love.

14 days of hearts: I started this a few years ago but essentially you cut out 14 hearts per kid  and write something you love about them on each heart. For example “you are a great friend!” “you are a wonderful sister!” etc. Each night after my kids go to bed I put one on their door for them to see the next morning!

A special outfit: Another easy one! I almost always get the kids a shirt or a dress for Charlotte etc to wear on Valentine’s Day. Since they have class parties etc. My mom always did this for me growing up so I have always done it for the kids.

Valentines dates with your kids: This year Andrew is taking Charlotte to a daddy daughter dance which is Valentines themed and so I decided to take Liam on a mommy son date that night too! It’s fun to have these special Valentines dates with our kids.


What do you do to make Valentines special for kids?


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