3 year old male Retriever cross Collie available for adoption

Ruffy is a three year old male Retriever cross Collie (as indicated by DNA test obtained by previous owner). Ruffy was adopted directly from Romania at five months old, his adopters were assured he would grow to be a small dog! Unfortunate Ruffy is not a small dog and, as much as his elderly owners loved him, their health has recently deteriorated and they are no longer able to care for him.

Ruffy is a friendly, sociable boy but is somewhat lacking in basic good manners. Ruffy pulls on a lead, jumps up people and kitchen worktops and is generally quite a diamond in the rough!

We are looking for adopters that don’t simply say “ we don’t mind if he jumps up” a large dog needs to be well mannered and well trained or they will get themselves into trouble. Also you might not mind him jumping up but the person you walk past on a wet and muddy day might not be so accepting! Ruffy needs basic obedience training, he also needs to be well exercised as he’s still very young.

Please don’t just look at this handsome boys pic and apply without reading his info and ensuring you meet what he needs. He can live with another dog but would probably prefer not to. He’s never lived with cats but previous owners say he barks at them and tries to chase when he sees them out of the house. Ruffy is too boisterous for a home with young children but dog savvy children of ten plus would be okay.

Previous owners have informed us that he can be possessive of toys so this also needs to be worked on and overcome we are happy to advise on this at the point of adoption. Ruffy fostered Norwich Norfolk.

Fences and gates must be 5ft min & secure.

Please note that it is Safe Rescue policy that all dogs adopted from us must wear a slip lead to be walked for the duration of their lives. Too many dogs are lost from slipping out of collars and harnesses and many of our dogs are timid due to past ill treatment and likely to panic whilst out and about. It is absolutely okay to use these things additionally to slip leads but not instead of.

We also request that extendable retractable leads are never used on our dogs. If you are opposed to slip leads, please do not enquire about our dogs as this is not negotiable. Thank you for understanding. All dogs have to be collected and a crate must be used.

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