2022’s Top 10 Marketing Stories for CMSWire

Sharing CMSWire’s top 10 marketing stories of 2022.

Marketing resides on an ever-changing landscape — and this year was no different. From preparing for the switch from Google UA to GA4, to taking on social issues and incorporating social media as a primary instrument in the marketing toolbox — all with the prospect of Web3 looming in the distant horizon — and all while building trust and transparency — marketers have had their work cut out for them this year.

Let’s take a look back, with CMSWire’s Top 10 marketing stories of 2022.

From recent feature rollouts to off the chart viewership numbers, TikTok has eclipsed a number of social platforms in key engagement areas, such as retention rate and active collaboration features like duets and stitches — how can it change your marketing game?

Challenges aside, leads are not going anywhere. A recent B2B revenue marketing study found that 82% of marketers are measured on pipeline initiated (a 12% increase over 2021). For revenue of any kind, you still need a high-velocity pipeline — and that still needs high-quality leads.

Google will officially retire Universal Analytics as Google Analytics 4 takes the reins — are you ready? Read our handy guide with insight, advice and action items to assist you in making a smooth transition.

Today, consumers want to trust the companies they are dealing with, whether it is with how their data is being used or how a company behaves in the world at large. In fact 87 percent of consumers say they would purchase a product from a company that “stood up or advocated for” an issue they care about — but it’s a double-edged sword because over 50 percent think that if a company does advocate for social issues — they are only doing it for the PR. In this article, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of CMSWire, Rich Hein looks at some case studies of companies taking a stand for social issues that matter.

While the underlying architecture of Web3 has yet to be finalized, its decentralized nature is a core part of its proposed architecture. Additionally, the content models that Web3 facilitates will put control back in the hands of content producers and consumers. Learn more about how the new Web3 content models affect the way brands approach content, marketing and advertising.

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