2 year old male Griffon available for adoption

Oliver is a 2 year old male Griffon. He is being rehomed as he has resource-guarding issues. He is working with a behaviourist and is improving but he is a work in progress.

Sadly the family are not able to keep him and they have not taken the decision lightly.

Oliver is looking for an experienced home where they can continue to work with him. He is an intelligent boy who responds very well to positive reinforcement training.

He walks well on an extendable lead. He takes treats gently using the key phrase ‘gentle’.

He will sit and wait before giving his food. He can be left at home for up to 4 hours without any stress. He does not respond to fireworks or loud noises while he is indoors. If he was outside, he might be a little more alarmed by them.

In the enclosed dog park, he generally has a good recall and will come back for a treat. But the major issue is if he steals another dog’s ball.

He will not give it back and will resource guard it. He can be with other dogs and will generally ignore dogs on a walk.

He has a couple of dog friends that he will share nicely with but he could not live with a dominant dog. He would need to meet any dogs first to see how he was with them.

He was the cat tested in Spain but looked a little eager to chase maybe if he had the chance.

He will not be rehomed with children because of his resource guarding. Adult-only family. Please note: We are looking for a secure garden with fencing or walls to a minimum of 5ft.

We also need the dogs to be kept on a lead, long lunge lead or for people to use enclosed fields for off-lead exercise as these dogs are scent hounds & have hunting backgrounds. Full rescue backup is provided.

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Spanish Griffon Rescue

Welcome to our new group to continue helping the Griffons & other dogs in Spain!

For further details about adopting a dog from Spanish Griffon Rescue, please contact Donna or Lucy by emailing spanishgriffonrescue@gmail.com

All dogs rehomed via this rescue will be vaccinated, neutered/spayed and microchipped. Home checks apply and full post adoption support is offered.

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