19 Ideas For Healthy Living – It Starts With Coffee

Living a healthy life is very important to not only me but my family. I think healthy living is pretty subjective depending on your goals, lifestyle, etc. But I wanted to share 19 ideas for healthy living that we try to do or at least I try to do to really have health and wellness a huge focus in our house.

19 Ideas For Healthy Living

  1. Daily green smoothies/juices: I have had a green smoothie or juice every day for almost 12 years and trust me it makes a huge difference.
  2. Family walks or walks alone/with friends: I love to go on walks alone, with my family, or even with girlfriends. Nothing quite like chatting away or listening to a podcast while getting exercise.
  3. Group fitness classes: A great option of community mixed with working out
  4. Turning off all screens one hour before bed: This is something I am awful at but would love to be better about, I do read before bed but on my tablet.
  5. Daily time to read: This is one of the biggest things I think is important for health. Having time to immerse yourself in a story is truly wonderful.
  6. Meditation: I used to be much better about mediation but I really love the Peloton meditations.
  7. Trying a new workout: One of my favorite things to do is try a new workout. Recently I tried Jazzercise and LOVED it!
  8. Meal planning: When we are good about this I feel like we eat much healthier and spend way less money.
  9. Eat WHOLE foods: I mean good, whole ingredients. Things that are good for you, with words on labels you can understand.
  10. Taking vitamins daily: So important for your overall health and immunity. Also, add something like SEED into your daily vitamins as well!
  11. Prioritizing sleep: I love my sleep and I am much better as a mom, wife, and at my job when I am rested. I make a point to get in bed by 9 or earlier and be asleep by 9:30 when I can. My kids are early risers!
  12. Cooking with your kids: A great way to teach them about food, ingredients, and what we are putting in our bodies.
  13. Have screen-free time in your home: We are trying to do more crafts and have more outside play to reduce screens.
  14. Up your water intake: Something I also need to be better about but I do carry around a massive water bottle wherever I go.
  15. Get fresh air daily: Getting outside is good for everyone! If it’s not 20 degrees or downpouring we are outside at least once a day.
  16. Try yoga: It’s great for your body and mind!
  17. Change out your makeup/skincare products: Switch to clean products wherever you can!
  18. Look at ingredients labels: I started following an Instagram account that shares more about labels on common food products and it’s really opened my mind!
  19. Have a clean space: Clean space, clean mind, and everyone is happier!

What are some ideas for healthy living you have??

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