Your Feet Could Feel, Look, & Smell So Much Better With Any Of These Clever Things

Sometimes, pricey pedicures are the only TLC our feet get. But honestly, our feet need a little more care than the occasional nail polish update — especially if you’re dealing with something painful or uncomfortable like tired arches or athlete’s foot. Don’t worry — your feet could feel, look, and smell so much better with a few genius new products added to your arsenal. So, go ahead, you can start on your new foot care routine.

You don’t need to run every morning before work or be on your feet all day for these things to be helpful. There’s a callus removing gel that anyone can use — because we all need to remove a painful callus now and then. It comes in an aesthetic bottle that makes taking care of a callus a cuter process. It’s also a good idea to follow it up with the odorless and protective foot cream on the list.

If you do love a good run or your feet are simply tired from work, there are a few things you should grab. There’s a foot stretching and massaging kit, an Epsom salt soak with tea tree, and even toe separators for stressed and tight toe muscles.

So, yes — you can still totally get a pedicure if that’s part of your routine. Just be sure to also add a few of these clever things into your weekly foot care.


A Soothing Epsom Salt Soak With Tea Tree & Mint Oils

This Epsom salt foot soak is also infused with menthol, tea tree oil, mint oil, and other revitalizing, soothing ingredients. Together, these natural ingredients work to deodorize, stimulate, and soften your feet. It actually has seven helpful oils mixed in with the classic Epsom salt we all love, making this a powerhouse soak.


This Foot Peel Mask That Gives You Baby-Soft Feet In Just 2 Weeks

This foot peel mask two-pack comes with a lavender and peppermint scent, making this grossly appealing beauty hack a fun one too. The scented gel inside has natural ingredients like apple, lemon, and aloe vera that work to peel away dry skin and calluses from your feet, leaving you with soft feet that look and feel brand new.


A Vitamin-Infused Balm That Helps To Prevent Blisters

Buy this budget-friendly foot balm instead of stocking your bathroom cabinet with blister treatments. This clear balm has vitamins A and C to soften skin and stop blisters before they form. Plus, this easy to pack balm won’t clog your pores. You can even put it on to stop your beach sandals from creating blisters because it’s sweat- and water-resistant.


A Set Of Toe Separators That Can Relieve Pain & Give You Better Balance

If your feet hurt because you scrunch up your toes anytime you’re stressed, these gel toe separators will help. They keep each toe separate for better alignment, stronger feet, better feeling toes, and better balance. Plus, they’re helpful for pedicures, since they hold your toes straight. Each set of these latex-free separators are also easy to wash, making these an investment that’ll last a long time.


These Copper-Infused Support Bands For Your Arches

These low-profile arch-support sleeves are actually made with copper-infused nylon. This unique fabric gives you extra arch support and relief from flat feet, fallen arches, and other foot pains (even without shoes). Plus, it’s moisture-wicking for cool and dry feet when you are wearing shoes. These support sleeves also offer light compression, which keep you comfortable even during long days.

  • Available sizes: Small – X-Large


These No-Show Socks With Zero Uncomfortable Sweating Potential

You can still get the comfort of athletic socks with these no-show socks, but they won’t stick out of your sneakers. These moisture-wicking socks even have mesh ventilation panels, so there’s zero uncomfortable sweating potential if you’re working out. They also still give you arch support, making these a great everyday sock choice.

  • Available sizes: 5 – 12
  • Available colors: 4


A Callus Removing Gel That Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With

We all have to remove a callus now and then, and this callus remover does so without forcing you to go to the salon. Simply keep the gel formula on for five to 10 minutes before grabbing your pumice stone or silicone exfoliator, and you’ll have soft feet before you know it. This callus remover is an Amazon shopper favorite, with over 28,000 five-star reviews.


This Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat That Can Support Your Feet All Day

With this anti-fatigue floor mat, you can help out your feet even when you’re actively on them. The 3/4-inch thick ergonomically-designed memory foam mat supports your feet, legs, and lower back by adding some much-needed cushioning in the kitchen, bathroom, or office. This non-slip mat comes in 13 colors and four different sizes, so you can have a unique one in each room.


A Lightly Scented Spray That Deodorizes Your Shoes

This shoe spray deodorizes every pair of your shoes — even those leather and suede ones you splurged on. The lemongrass, sassafras, and eucalyptus oils freshen up your shoes and neutralize unsavory odors without ruining them in the washing machine. It also leaves a light scent behind, despite the maximum-strength formula.


This Scent-Free, Highly Hydrating Cream That Protects Dry Feet

With this scent-free foot cream, you can protect painfully dry skin without slathering on sticky, stinky lotion. You can even use this deeply moisturizing, highly concentrated solution on cracked skin to add much-needed hydration. It also adds a protective layer, so your feet will stay hydrated and pain-free — even in your sneakers. This foot cream is an Amazon shopper favorite, with over 46,000 five-star reviews.


These Nail Clippers With Better Leverage For Toenails

These nail clippers have a longer handle and an extra-wide blade to give you better leverage for your toenails. Plus, the grippy design stops your fingers from slipping, even when you’re cutting that tough big toe toenail. Use these stainless steel clippers on your toenails, and you’ll finally stop making your fingernail clippers dull.


A Silicone Foot Scrubber That Sticks To The Bottom Of Your Shower

Sometimes you just want your feet to feel seriously clean (like if you forgot to wear breathable socks), and this shower foot scrubber will do just that. The suction cups secure it to your tub floor, so you can add some soap and really scrub with the soft silicone brustles that also give your feet a massage. The back of this foot scrubber even has a pumice stone, so you can work away hard callouses on your heels.


This Pain-Relief Roller For Easy Foot Massages

This foot roller is exactly like your larger post-workout roller — it’s just a little smaller. Simply use it to roll and massage your arch, the same way you would your back with a bigger one. The design also helps to increase circulation while relieving foot pain and muscle tension. Plus, it’s durable enough to freeze it like an ice pack or heat it up in warm water for extra comforting relief.


A Deodorizing, Exfoliating Charcoal Soap That Uses Natural Ingredients

This charcoal soap isn’t just about deodorizing — it also helps your feet feel better. This soap will take care of dry skin and even itchy skin or athlete’s foot thanks to tea tree oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and other natural ingredients. This soap is free of harsh chemicals, gluten, petroleum, sulfates, dyes, preservatives, and is only scented with peppermint oil. It’s also not just for your feet. It can be your new go-to soap because it soothes dry skin and uncomfortable skin concerns everywhere.


A 2-Pack Of Compression Socks With Cushioned & Grippy Bottoms

These are the compression socks you’ll want for cozy days or working out at home. Unlike other compression socks, these are complete with extra-strength non-slip grips on the bottom, so they’re perfect for wearing without shoes. They’re even complete with cushioning, which makes them ideal for wearing around the home while promoting circulation and easing muscle pain.

  • Available sizes: One Size (Small – Medium)
  • Available colors: 2


A Vegan Nail Polish That Dries In Just 1 Minute

Somehow the polish on your toes is always the easiest to mess up, but this vegan nail polish will fix that. It’s quick-drying, so you can paint them and go about your day in literally one minute. You won’t even need the annoying extra step of a base coat or top coat, this genius polish is good to go on its own. Best of all, you can choose from 29 trendy colors including olive green, purple, and turquoise.


This Foot Spray That Soothes Uncomfortable Feet And Improves Smell

Designed to soothe athlete’s feet, this deodorant foot and shoe spray will keep feet odor-free. Reach for it on an extra-hot day, and the peppermint and tea tree formula will even cool down your feet while deodorizing and soothing cracked skin. It’s also easy to spray on, so keep it in your bag for any time your feet start feeling a little too warm.


These Gel-Infused Heel Socks That Give You Extra-Hydrated Skin

These heel socks feel like you’re sleeping in comfy socks instead of a moisturizing foot mask. But they do actually hydrate your skin while you sleep. The heel is lined with a gel made of jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, and olive oil, which help dry, cracked skin. Don’t worry if you hate sleeping in socks because these have a breathable open-toe design.

  • Available sizes: Regular – Men’s Large 12+
  • Available colors: 5


An Easy-To-Use Terracotta Exfoliator With 2 Textures

This pumice stone exfoliator is actually made of seriously durable kiln-fired terracotta. Unlike other exfoliators, this one is complete with a little handle and two easy-to-use scrubbing surfaces. One side works to scrub away calluses and dry skin, while the other smooths and buffs everything out after exfoliating. When you’re done, the handle props it up to let it dry quickly.


This Helpful Kit For Stretching & Massaging Your Feet & Calves

This stretching and massaging kit isn’t only for things like tendonitis. It’s also helpful for everyday stretching, improving circulation, and helping out foot fatigue from a long walk or daily runs. You’ll get a foot rocker with an anti-slip bottom and slip resistant tread where your foot rests for safer stretching as well as a small foot massager for after your stretches.


These Fuzzy Microfiber Socks For Everyday Comfort

With two pairs in a pack, you’ll get enough fuzzy socks to keep you cozy all weekend. It’s also totally worth wearing these comfy microfiber socks with your shoes because they’re so warm and soft, you’ll feel like you’re wearing slippers. These plush socks even have a rubberized bottom, so no worrying about slipping in them.

  • Available sizes: Small, Small–Medium, Medium, Large, Large–XL, XL
  • Available styles: 27


A Nail Kit That Can Even Help Painful Ingrown Toenails

This affordable toenail tool kit comes with unique tools, including a clipper, a file, and a corrector that can help get rid of painful ingrown toenails. You can also trim your cuticles, push back your cuticles, lift your toenails, and file them away with this professional pedicure-worthy kit.


A 5-Pack Of No-Show Liners That Work With Heels & Flats

These thin liner socks are extra-no-show, making them an ideal barrier between your feet and shoes when wearing heels of balet flats. The design cuts right around your toes at the front, and just like your sneaker socks, they also have a non-slip silicone heel that keeps them firmly in place. Basically, with these breathable socks, you can protect your feet even when you wear dressier shoes.

  • Available sizes: One Size (6 – 11)
  • Available colors: 7


The Luxurious Shea Butter Foot Masks That Soften Your Skin

This luxurious foot mask has jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E to soften those seriously painful calluses without using an intense exfoliating tool. Each hydrating mask comes with a little sticker to keep them on your feet while they moisturize dry skin for around 20 minutes. It’s extra-luxurious if you keep these little sock masks in the fridge.


This Pack Of Long-Lasting Foot Warmers That Won’t Slide Around

The adhesive backing on these foot warmers keeps them securely in your shoe — AKA, no bunching or sliding around. Each one warms up in 15 to 30 minutes yet lasts for up to nine hours, and they’re so thin, you’ll barely notice them under your socks. Plus, they have odor-absorbing activated charcoal in case your feet get so toasty and cozy that they get a little sweaty.


A Foot Spa For The Pedicure & Massage You Need

Sometimes you just need the soothing warm water and foot massage that you get with a pedicure, and this foot spa is the thing to grab. The bottom has two massage inserts, which you can use to work your feet while the jets bubble away in the heated tub with jets. Simply plug it in, control it with the toe touch buttons, and relax away your day.


A Memory Foam Footrest That Supports Your Feet & Back

This footrest is obviously perfect under your desk, but it also might replace your favorite living room ottoman. The memory foam gives your hips, lower back, and feet so much support thanks to its unique teardrop design, you’ll want to pull it in front of your couch after work. The machine-washable cover comes in navy, gray, and black to match your desk and your lounge room rug.


These Deodorizing Shoe Bags That Are Easy To Reuse

These bamboo charcoal shoe bags deodorize and absorb sweat or excess water from your footwear. Simply keep these bags inside your shoes for up to a month before you need to recharge them. Recharging simply means popping these little bags in the sun for an hour until they’re dried out and ready to absorb moisture again.


An Affordable Kit That Stretches Out Your Shoes For A Flawless Fit

Instead of trying hacks or simply wearing ill-fitting shoes, try this budget-friendly shoe stretcher set. For perfectly fitted shoes, these inserts have a four-way stretching design that can adjust the length and width of your footwear. So, they’re bound to finally stop those calluses or blisters. You’ll also get a bunch of other handy shoe accessories for your newly comfy shoes including bunion plugs, a shoe horn, and high plugs.


A Tea Tree Body Wash That’s Called A Remedy For A Reason

This tea tree oil body wash is called Remedy Soap because it truly helps out your skin, including your feet. It helps with acne, candida, athlete’s foot, dry skin, and more while also deodorizing with a peppermint and tea tree scent. The organic ingredients in this little blue bottle even work for painful toenail concerns.

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