You too can manually configure a VPN connection on Windows 10

VPN services these days are all about ease of accessibility — download your VPN client of choice and click a button to keep yourself anonymous. But what if you don’t have a VPN app/client because you’re working on the secure Windows 10 in S Mode?

That’s where setting up and configuring your own VPN connection comes in handy, and it’s a lot simpler than you think.

Windows 10 in S Mode is all about security, only allowing apps from the Microsoft Store to be installed and only uses Microsoft Edge for safe browsing. This makes it tricky to install a VPN service’s app. 

What will you need to configure a VPN on Windows 10

So, what will you need to configure a VPN connection on Windows 10? Well, Windows 10 of course, but also a subscription to a VPN service — find the best ones to use right here.  

Signed up? You’ll need an address of the server locations your VPN service provides to manually add and connect a VPN, which means you get to pick the spot that’s best suited for you. You can get this information via the VPN service’s web page.

Now, onto becoming a VPN configuration expert 

How to add and connect to a VPN on Windows 10

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