Wiskow & White Co- Founder, Lucy White

My guest in Episode #10 of The Love My Dress Podcast is Lucy White, who along with her business partner, Danielle, co-founded Wiskow & White, an Italian wedding planning company based in the UK and Italy.

Lucy and Danielle have recently also co-founded La Lista, a membership community catering to couples planning Italian weddings. 

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Lucy is a passionate, creative entrepreneur, obsessed with beautiful design and impeccable customer service. Lucy and her team have worked hard to transform and redefine the landscape of Italian wedding planning with a philosophy that seeks to truly understand couples and foster authentic relationships with both couples and suppliers. 

Lucy’s dedication, expertise and love for Italy has led to the creation of literally hundreds of uniquely beautiful weddings that showcase their passion for people and creativity, respect for their breathtaking natural surroundings, and that are regularly documented by some of the world’s best wedding photographers. 

Lucy White of Wiskow & White Italian wedding planners.

Lucy is wife to Ben and mum to her little boy Ziggy. She is also author of a deeply personal blog, where she candidly discusses her health and experiences living with colitis and cardiomyopathy, whilst encouraging others to connect and share their experiences too. 

Lucy’s openness and strength have created a safe space for others navigating similar health challenges, and she is keen to de-stigmatise conversations around these conditions. 

Lucy is also a vocal advocate for the significance of busy entrepreneurs prioritising their mental wellbeing by setting firm boundaries, embracing rest and learning when to step back, all without apology or explanation. She champions regular self-care practices and passionately promotes the value of counselling, recognising it as a powerful tool in fostering resilience and sustaining mental wellness. 

I am completely thrilled to welcome the high energy and wonderful warmth of Lucy into your world today.

Bride and groom with rose petal confetti at their wedding in Italy. Wiskow and White Italian wedding planners.


You will find a full transcript of this episode here (tap the transcript tab).

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