Windows 11 release date possibly teased — why the OS could arrive in October

We know Windows 11 is scheduled to arrive this holiday but Microsoft didn’t specify a date, meaning the OS could begin rolling out in October or as late as December. However, screenshots shared on the Windows 11 site tease the former date. 

As TechRadar points out, screenshots shared on the Windows 11 site seem to hint at an October release date. Look closely at the Microsoft Teams image and you’ll notice an October 20, 2021 date set in the Taskbar. The time below is set to 11:11 which we already know is a reference to Windows 11.

Windows 11

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

It’s not much to go by, but this possible teaser makes you wonder why Microsoft would set the date to one in the future for these screenshots. This wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft dropped a subtle hint about an upcoming announcement. Prior to the Windows 11 event, the company posted a video that was exactly 11 minutes long. It also sent event invites with an image of the Windows logo seemingly casting a shadow in the shape of an “11.” 

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