Windows 11 lets you use the classic Start Menu and Taskbar — but it’s secret

Microsoft is gearing up to reveal Windows 11, but a recently leaked build already offers a glimpse at its all-new user interface with an updated Start Menu and Taskbar. Not a fan? There’s a way to stick with Windows 10.

The next-gen OS features a centered Start Menu and Taskbar, akin to the UX design seen on the now cancelled Windows 10X. For those who prefer the original Windows 10 layout, a Twitter user found a hidden option to allow those with the Windows 11 build to make the switch. 

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As spotted by Windows Central, users will need to take an extra few steps in order to use Windows 10’s layout on Windows 11. While the option is available, Microsoft may offer an easy one-click switch once it officially announces its new OS. For those already playing around with the Windows 11 build, check out how to add a touch of the soon-to-be classic OS. 

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