Windows 11 could finally give us a new media player

The Windows 11 release is only a couple of days away, but scuttlebutt and rumors continue to trickle in as PC users await “the most significant” Windows upgrade in 10 years. The latest gossip comes from a webcast Microsoft held for Windows Insiders (a free program Windows users can join to explore Windows 11 beta).

Senior Program Manager Frank Chen introduced a new feature called Focus Sessions to viewers, but instead of providing a live demo, he used a video app to showcase the novel perk. Interestingly, hawk-eyed users spotted that the name of the video platform is “Media Player,” but it doesn’t look anything like the light-blue Windows Media Player app we’re familiar with (via Windows Latest).

Microsoft could have simply applied a new skin to the existing Media Player app, but there’s a good chance Windows 11 could get a new, updated platform for playing audio and videos.

Windows 11 alleged media player

Windows 11 alleged media player (Image credit: Microsoft)

There’s another theory, according to DigitalTrends. Microsoft could be planning to merge all three media apps — Windows Media Player, Groove Music and Movies & TV — into one hub called “Media Player.” 

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