When Is The Next Full Moon? Your 2021 Calendar

Out of all the phases of the lunar cycle, full moons are the energetic high point of the moon’s monthly journey through the zodiac, taking place right smack in the middle of the lunar cycle. These lunations are known to have a profound effect on the way we feel, act, and even sleep.

So when is the next full moon? The July 2021 full moon rises on July 23 in the rebellious and humanitarian sign of Aquarius. This lunation, also called the Buck Moon, gets its name from male deers fully growing their antlers during this time of year. You can expect the vibes from July’s full moon to be a little strange — which is on-brand for full moons — but especially since Aqua energy is all about challenging the status quo.

Because of the July full moon’s powerful aspect with Pluto, the planet governing radical change, we will be called to face things we’ve been avoiding. Conjunctions are a positive aspect, but because the moon is in conjunction with Pluto, which is all about obstacles, it can seem more like conflict between Aqua’s emotional detachment and Pluto’s energy of change. In short, whatever we’ve been suppressing or hiding will come to light under this lunation.

Because full moons take place when the moon forms an opposition aspect to the Sun, they almost always occur in the sign opposite on the zodiac wheel to whatever sign the Sun in currently in. For instance, the full moon of Leo season will be in Aquarius, while the full moon of Virgo season will be in Pisces. The tension between these two opposing planets is what shakes things up and amplifies our feelings during this time.

Read on to find out how full moons affect all zodiac signs during each lunar cycle, as well as the dates of every full moon to come in 2021.


Full Moons Can Keep You Up At Night

The lunar energy is believed to be at a high point during a full moon, which can subsequently cause us to feel more energized. Research has shown that people may take longer to fall asleep, sleep fewer hours, and sleep less deeply during a full moon — and once you do fall asleep, you may be more likely to have intense dreams or nightmares.

You’ll Be More Emotional During Full Moons

The moon in astrology is the planet that rules over our emotions, feelings, and vulnerabilities — so when it’s at its energetic peak (and forming a tension-filled opposition aspect to the Sun), we’re more likely to feel our emotions in an intense or tumultuous way. Be wary of falling victim to a tsunami of full moon feelings.

Full Moons Can Make You More Social

While new moons tend to make us feel more introspective and solitary, full moons have the opposite effect. During these periods, we’re more likely to focus our energy on relationships and interpersonal issues. It’s hard-wired in humans to take advantage of the extra light during the night of a full moon, and that can make some people feel more social.

Prepare To Feel Illuminated During Full Moons

Full moons illuminate the sky with their bright, bold appearance — but astrologically, they’re believed to illuminate our minds, too. Prepare for information, ideas, and feelings to come bubbling up to the surface under the light of the full moon, and use it as a chance to put faith in your intuition.

Full Moons Can Help You Break Bad Habits

After the moon reaches peak fullness, it begins the process of waning, or getting smaller each day until the end of the lunar cycle when the moon is new again. We can harness this release of energy by using the full moon as a chance to let go of things — commit to breaking a bad habit, leaving a toxic friendship, or otherwise releasing what’s no longer serving you.

Get Ready For The Upcoming Full Moons

Now that you know what kind of energy full moons bring, check out the dates of the upcoming full moons that will blossom through 2021:

  • The July 2021 full moon will be on July 23.
  • The August 2021 full moon will be on August 22.
  • The September 2021 full moon will be on September 20.
  • The October 2021 full moon will be on October 20.
  • The November 2021 full moon will be on November 19 and is also a lunar eclipse.
  • The December 2021 full moon will be on December 18.

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