What Kind of Logo Do You Wish to See On Your Handbag?

Few handbag topics elicit such strong opinions and responses as that of this question: logos, are they hot or not? Some people love them, others loathe them, but regardless of where you stand, the fact remains: almost every designer handbag will have some sort of branding on its body.

The topic of logos is rather broad – they can come in the form of an all-over logo print like Louis Vuitton’s classic Monogram, Gucci’s GG Supreme Print, Celine’s Triomphe Logo Canvas, or Dior’s Oblique Canvas. They can also come hot-stamped onto bags or appear as hardware finishes like Chanel’s CCs, Dior’s CD hardware, or Saint Laurent’s incredibly divisive YSL plaque.

What Do You Want from a Logo?

When it comes to logos, the opinions are strong, but when it comes to minimalist bags, the opinions are even stronger. On a recent post rounding up the best minimalist bags, one commenter wrote, “Sorry but these are too bland for me. I do like logoless bags but if I want something like these bags, I’m not gonna pay that much money.” Another reader echoed a similar statement, “agree most of them are not really interesting,” they proclaimed.

It seems that the balance between overly branded and bland and boring is a very hard one to strike. And, as consumers, we expect a lot from our bags. We are spending our hard-earned money, and we have every right to be picky and get what we want.

While the jury’s still out on if the perfect bag really exists, it’s time more designers started listening to what consumers actually want from a bag. So, let’s discuss; what is it that you wish designers would offer when it comes to logos?


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