What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The Buck Moon? An Astrologer Explains

If you’re feeling inexplicably buzzy and full of energy right now, you can probably thank the incoming full moon, as it’ll light up the skies on the night of July 23. The July 2021 full moon (which is also known as the Buck Moon) is ushering us into the middle portion of summer and illuminating our sense of individuality — inspiring us to break out of our boxes and connect more deeply with the collective. Understanding the spiritual meaning of the Buck Moon can help us align with this powerful lunar vibe, as well as our higher selves.

As the energetic peak of the monthly lunar cycle, full moons in astrology are all about culminations and climaxes — that’s why they can sometimes feel so dramatic and emotionally overwhelming! But full moons are also a great time to let things go in order to create more space for growth. The July 2021 full moon takes place in the rebellious and community-oriented sign of Aquarius, which is why the spiritual meaning of the Buck Moon focuses on helping us to find our true selves through connection with others and create a new set of rules to follow.

Using full moon energy for spiritual connection is a great way to get more in tune with the natural rhythms all around us, so read on for the scoop on the July 2021 full moon meaning.

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What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Buck Moon?

The Buck Moon is a nickname given to full moons that take place in July, and it’s named for the fact that male deer antlers typically reach the peak of their growth at this point in the summer. But because we’re dealing in the mystical world of moon magic, we can’t simply take this explanation literally. Think of this nickname as an allusion to the fact that the abundance and ripeness of summer is at a peak during the time of this full moon — which allows us to grow at a more rapid pace, too. Bravely taking steps toward our hopes and releasing anything that’s standing in the way of our unique personal development is what the spiritual meaning of the Buck Moon is all about.

July’s Buck Moon peaks the day after Leo season 2021 begins, so we’ll still be be feeling the confident and “all about me” astrological influence of that solar switch at the time of this lunation. However, the full moon takes place in Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius, which is about showing up for the collective and marching to the beat of your own drum. Aquarius zodiac energy is unconventional, forward-thinking, and collaborative — so the spiritual meaning of the July 2021 full moon asks us to embrace these qualities, too. It’s time shake up our personal status quo and take actions that support our hopes and wishes, even when it means asking others for help or working through old limiting thought patterns.

How To Work With The Full Moon Energy

Because the Buck Moon takes place in fixed air sign Aquarius territory, it brings us an ideal spiritual opportunity to embrace our divine and one-of-a-kind authenticity. In what ways do you feel self-conscious? What’s stifling your creativity and putting a damper on your individuality? How connected (or disconnected) do you feel from the collective energy around you? Now’s a time to start healing any pain within these themes and releasing anything that’s blocking you from standing tall in your individuality. Aquarius is a socially-focused air sign, so try having open-hearted conversations with people you trust instead of exploring these questions solo. There is strength that comes in being unified with others.

Speaking of connecting with people, Aquarius is also the sign that rules friendships and collaboration — so this full moon is a beautiful time to safely gather with your crew or work with your community in some way. You can use this spiritual energy to your advantage by planning a group full moon ritual with your closest friends or spend some time volunteering to help others. Ultimately, the spiritual meaning of the Buck Moon reminds us that we’re not alone in our struggles or our triumphs — we’re all invaluable synergistic pieces of a larger whole.

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