What is a Chromebook and why you should or shouldn’t buy one

Whenever I visit family and friends, I expect one question more than any other: “What is a Chromebook?” It’s a question I’m getting a lot more now that Chromebooks have invaded the mainstream, giving people capable budget options at well below $500. So, what is a Chromebook? Instead of Windows 10 or macOS, Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS. 

Originally seen as a platform built around Google’s cloud apps (Chrome, Gmail, etc), these laptops have done quite well in the education market. Over time, however, the appeal for Chromebooks has widened, and the best Chromebooks are some of the best laptops overall today. In fact, the demand for Chromebooks spiked during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and Google outpunched its rival Apple by selling more laptops with Chrome OS than MacBooks in 2020 (according to the IDC via Geekwire).

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