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Are you thinking of adopting a Welsh Corgi to your family? We say kudos! It is the perfect dog for a family. The kids would love to listen to an enchanting fairy tale about the Corgi. And since the English royal family adores it (Queen Elizabeth II has been a parent to well over 30 Corgis during her reign), the stories would be more enchanting.

Corgis are also great with kids, and they are intelligent. Read on and learn more about the history of Corgis, their physical attributes, and temperaments. You will know what it takes to live happily ever after with a Corgi.

History of Corgis and General Breed Information

Welsh Corgis, as the name suggests, originate from wales. They have a rich history both in folklore and in real life. The farmers of Wales originally bred them to help herd cattle, sheep, and horses. To date, they are still categorized as a herding breed by the American Kennel Club. 

There are two types of Welsh Corgis: Pembroke and Cardigan. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are slightly smaller and finer-boned as compared to the Cardigan cousins. The appearance of the Cardigan is also a little bit different from Pembroke. It has a long full tail, unlike the Pembroke’s which is shorter. Most of the other attributes are similar. Both types of Corgis have short legs and long backs. Adults can grow to 12 inches, weigh between 25 and 27 pounds, and live up to 13 years. 


Welsh Corgis are smart but stubborn. They love to please but they do not like to be bossed around. They are great with kids and other pets. Since they love to please, training is also not too much trouble. 

They love to master new tricks. All they want to do is please the owner. But they respond best to a firm and consistent leader. Like all dogs, positive training and consistency will mold good behavior. 

Corgis do not like to be left alone for prolonged periods, especially Corgi puppies. They could get anxious and bark excessively. To a Corgi, the family is one “pack” and it should not be separated. If a family member is not around, a Corgi could get anxious and start acting up. You can blame that on their herding nature.  

Corgis love to play with children. But sometimes, their herding instincts could take over and could nip at the heels of kids. Also, a dog that is not well socialized could overreact if the tail is pulled, chased, or pinched by a child.  It is crucial to train your Corgi and socialize them. They need it to get along with other pets and learn to hang out with kids.  


Gotdaflow-P8_RmeffU-w-unsplash (1)

(Photo by gotdaflow on Unsplash)


Both types of Welsh Corgis have a weather-resistant double coat that is easy to groom. Weekly brushing will help to keep shedding under control and your home clean and tidy. 

They also shed in seasons. It peaks during spring and fall. During these seasons, grooming should be more frequent. However, be careful not to trim too low as Corgis can experience sunburns. 

Corgi Health and Exercise

Welsh Corgis are energetic and may seem hyperactive. They love the outdoors and are agile and versatile dogs. 

They enjoy exercise and respond well to agility and obedience activities. If you have a family of energetic kids, Welsh Corgis are the perfect companions. They would take care of each other. 

Look out for these health issues often associated with Corgis:

  • Hip dysplasia and other back problems. 
  • Glaucoma
  • Urinary stones
  • Epilepsy and degenerative myelopathy


Some of these dog health issues could emerge due to bad eating habits that result in overweight dogs. Check out more tips on how to keep your dog healthy. Remember to consult a vet, or reach out to an online vet about a specific issue concerning your Corgi. 

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