We tried a VR haptic suit that simulates being shot and stabbed at CES 2023 — here’s what happened

OK, truth be told, by “we,” I mean Laptop Mag Content Editor Jason England tried OWO’s VR haptic suit — what a brave soul! Assistant Managing Editor Sean Riley and I planned to try it on, too, but after TechRadar’s Lance Ulanoff tweeted that it was “most painful thing” he’s ever done at CES, we chickened out.

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So you may be wondering, “OK, so what’s the deal with this VR haptic suit and why is it causing so much hoopla at CES 2023?” Well, OWO boasts that it’s a “second skin” designed to make VR gaming much more immersive via sensation tech. As such, while you’re wearing this VR haptic suit, you can feel tame sensations (e.g., a wind gust) as well as intense ones (e.g., getting stabbed in the abdomen).

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