USB-C is getting a 240W surge in power — what this means for laptops

USB-C power levels are set to see major improvements to handle demanding gaming laptops and 4K monitors, thanks to a new 240 watt (W) “Extended Power Range.” Soon, we may not need to lug around a formidable power brick.

Non-profit corporation USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) announced the upgraded USB Type-C cable and connector version 2.1 specifications, revealing the jump from cables supporting up to 100W to a 240W capacity. With this, more watt-hungry hardware may only need a universal USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port to deliver power to the device. 

As spotted by CNET, the USB-C new power capacity has been labelled as “Extended Power Range (EPR),” although the 240W option isn’t something that is just unlocked. The USB-IF notes there will be specific cables that support the power range — much like a Thunderbolt 4 cable. 

Example of a Thunderbolt 4 cable (Image credit: Future)

USB-C 240W power 

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