Top Tips for Perfecting a Mix & Match Bridal Party Look

Step 2: Now, Choose a Few Modifications

While some brides with excellent fashion abilities might not have any issues with making a bridal party look cohesive, some brides might find this a daunting task. A good rule of thumb: Once you’ve selected your theme, choose only one or two details about the dresses to change. Share with your bridesmaids what modifications they can choose from. Let’s say any hemline, their neckline of choice, any silhouette or a variety of fabric textures.

Here’s a great example: Your theme is “champagne-colored dresses”. One bridesmaid wears a long satin champagne bridesmaid dress. The next bridesmaid can wear a dress of the same color, but in a different material, like chiffon. The third bridesmaid might wear a satin bridesmaid dress like the first, but with a different neckline than the first dress. As you go along, the styles unfold in a way where only one or two elements of style are being changed each time.

This makes everything look cohesive, without being overly matchy.

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